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28th August 2023
[Gamescom 2023] Weekend Wrap-Up: Puha's Booth Tour, First Thermoses, and "Fade Outs"

Thank you for checking out our daily Gamescom wrap-ups! For the final two days of Gamescom, we've decided to combine them together, as updates slowed down significantly over the weekend. That's not to say we didn't see any; there were a handful of new articles posted online, bringing fresh perspectives that we're going to jump into today.

We're also expecting a higher wave of articles next week once people settle back into normal life, so make sure to keep an eye out on our Gamescom wrap-up pages (interviews and previews) as we'll continue to post on those throughout the next month. 

Here's what we saw over the weekend!

Throughout the weekend, we saw three new articles featuring interviews with the Remedy team: one on GamesRadar+ and two via The Loadout. All three were taken from the Q&A after the demo.

At GamesRadar+, Josh West talked about the "Fade Outs" shadows that took form to provide a physical threat to Wake in the Dark Place. Alongside a description of their presence in the preview, they also included notes by the game's director, Kyle Rowley.

In the first Loadout piece, Sam Lake (Creative Director) talks about the change that Wake has undergone between both games. The second article, focuses on the studio's approach to the Fade Outs in their task in creating an unsettling atmosphere. 


We also saw four more previews from The Sixth Axis, Future Game Show, Fandom Wire, and Dot Esports.

Stefen from The Sixth Axis talks about Casey's appearance in the Dark Place, along with the new additions of the Angel Light, Plot Board, and ability to choose your story. You can read the full preview HERE

At FutureGamesShow (FGS), Josh Lloyd and Jules Gill delve into what they saw during the preview. The video also reveals our first glimpse of the Airam coffee thermos outside of Remedy's promotions. Watch it HERE!

At Fandom Wire, Luke Addison describes the Dark Place demo as "one hell of a sequel" and promises that "expectations are going to be met". "Alan Wake 2 is every bit of the sequel that we could have wanted, and if anything come the end of the playthrough we saw, the collective wanted and needed more." You can read Luke's full piece HERE

Dot Esports' Vic Hood is pretty blunt in their article, "Alan Wake 2’s gameplay demo is a complete mind f*ck". During their preview, they also incorporated statements from Sam from their journey through New York. You can read their article HERE

Puha's Press Screening Tour

While Remedy had set up a cosplay booth on the Gamescom grounds, Remedy held a private screening for members of the press with a behind-closed-doors screening of the game at a local cinema. Journalists could watch forty minutes of Alan Wake's adventure in the Dark Place, accompanied by drinks and food (including popcorn), followed by a Q&A session. 

In a series of recent tweets, Puha took his followers on a tour of the set-up at the screening. 

First Thermoses In The Wild

After originally scheduled to debut at the Summer Games Fest 2023 Play Days, the thermoses made it in time for the weekend preview screenings at Gamescom. Members of the press who were invited to attend the behind-closed-doors demo were presented with the limited edition item ahead of the official launch later this year. 

Made in collaboration with Airam, the piece is set to be available through the Remedy Store in September 2023. You can learn more about the partnership HERE


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