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14th May 2022
AMC Purchases the Rights for an Alan Wake TV Series
[Alan Wake Anniversary Update Video]

It's been a while since we heard anything about the Alan Wake TV series, but the recent anniversary update video provided a glimpse into the next steps for the project.

So, what do we know so far? In mid-September 2018, Remedy revealed that they were collaborating with Contradiction Films to pitch the series. The news was broken in an exclusive interview by Variety, which also announced that Peter Calloway was on board as the showrunner and writer, with Sam Lake as Executive Producer. While it would be tied to the Alan Wake game, it's too early to know whether it will be considered canon or not, according to the article. 

Things have been fairly quiet since the Variety article, but on Thursday, Sam revealed that AMC has officially bought the rights. The company is best known for TV epics such as Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, so our writer is in good company.

In the segment, Sam talked about their progress, stating that "now and then, making a TV show can take even longer. Some of you might remember that we were, quite a while ago, talking about an Alan Wake TV show. Well, AMC, the wonderful wonderful home for absolutely brilliant TV shows, have bought the rights for Alan Wake, and we have been collaborating on making a TV show happen. Nothing more to share at the moment,  but we will certainly let you know when there is something to announce."

You can read the original announcement via Variety, HERE


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