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14th January 2023
Sony Reveals New PlayStation Accessible Controller

To kickstart 2023, Sony has revealed their brand new first-party accessible controller, currently codenamed Project Leonardo. The peripheral is a split-design controller, with customization at the forefront of its design, allowing those with physical disabilities to get the set-up they need.

During the controller's prototyping, the company reached out to accessibility consultants alongside SpecialEffect, Stack Up, and AbleGamers to ensure that the design would be as beneficial to people as possible. 

The reveal was posted exclusively on WIRED, with an interview with PlayStation president and CEO, Jim Ryan. In his interview with the website, Ryan stated, "Project Leonardo is a product we’ve been developing for years, with the goal of making something that is truly unique and caters to a wide range of players with different physical needs. It’s really a toolbox for you to customize your play experience how you want. I can’t wait to see how the community unlocks its full potential and to see even more players experience our games.” 

Read the full interview and announcement, HERE


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