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31st December 2023
505 Games Celebrates Final #FadenFriday of 2023

With 2023 drawing to a close, Friday marked the final #FadenFriday of 2023. To celebrate another year of gorgeous screenshots, Antonela Pounder (Director of Global Community at 505 Games) wrote a special article filled with new screenshots by the community.

Posted on the publishers' website due to temporary "gremlins" on the Control portal, Antonela writes,  "#FadenFriday was started by fans, for fans. For that, we want to say thank you. Thank you for being such positive forces and cheerleading Control in the most creative and beautiful ways. We are so unbelievably honoured, and on a personal level, I feel so lucky to manage this truly special community. Thank you for making my job even more fun – I appreciate you all more than words can express."

Thirty-nine images from familiar names such as CaptureControl, Moira, Rebecca-Sarah, and TJ Marinelli were included in the post, but it also featured some brand-new names! 

The blog post ended with a shoutout to the Fourth Focus' Virtual Photography Awards, with 505 Games shortlisted in the Community Support category. On the nomination, Antonela writes, "This means so much to the team! If you like what we do and think we’re worthy, we’d really appreciate the vote." You can support 505 Games at the awards, HERE

Source: 505 Games
Photo: @RalstonVP


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