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26th August 2023
[Gamescom 2023] Day #3 Wrap-Up: Message from Shawn Ashmore, Press Screening Set Up, and New Previews

As the week drew to a close, things calmed down a little. It was still a day packed with new previews and a special cast announcement, but compared to the intensity of Thursday, it was almost calm. Gamescom will continue throughout the weekend, with merchandise given to fans who check out the Alan Wake 2 booth in the cosplay section, Hall 5.1 at the Koelnmesse. If you're attending, make sure to stop by! 

Check out our roundup of the third day of Gamescom below...

The third day also brought a couple of new previews, including an article from Patrick Dane at Dexerto, who describes Alan Wake 2 as being "the game Remedy was created to make". Their preview starts with asking Sam Lake about the studio's long-awaited return to the series. You can read his answer and Patrick's preview, HERE.

Joshua Wolens from PC Gamer was equally as positive, describing the title to be "like Remedy's attempt to combine the best games it's ever made," Their piece also brings in comments from the Q&A session following the demo. Read the PC Gamer article, HERE!

We also saw several previews from the international gaming press. If you know French, Chris Klippel has a preview for you, HERE. If you know Italian, there's a five-minute preview from GameSource, HERE. And, if you know Greek, there's a report from Germanosgr (HERE) and InFeBraVeHeart (HERE).

Things were a little quieter on the interview side on Friday although we did see a new write-up from Josh West at GamesRadar+. They spoke to Kyle Rowley after seeing the behind-closed-doors demo. You can read the interview, HERE!

If you missed any interviews from the show, you can catch up on the full list of published reports, HERE! We'll likely be seeing more when people have had time to return from Gamescom and recover a little.
Message from Shawn Ashmore

On Day 3, we heard the exciting confirmation that Shawn Ashmore will be joining the cast of Alan Wake 2! If you've been keeping up to date on the previews, you may have noticed the initial casting teaser in a recent IGN article. If you missed it, don't worry; there's been A LOT of information this week to process.

To celebrate the reveal, Sam posted a video from Shawn on his Twitter page: 

Video Transcript: "Hey guys! I'm Shawn Ashmore and I'm playing Sheriff Tim Breaker in Alan Wake 2. I'm very excited to be part of the game with my friends at Remedy Entertainment. Our last adventure was Quantum Break, and, me personally, I've been waiting to play Alan Wake 2 ever since I finished the first game. I don't know how many years ago! I'm sure there's a lot of people out there who are as excited as I am. So, please stay tuned, we'll release more details about my character, Tim Breaker. And I hope you'll enjoy playing it! I know I will." 
Alan Wake Press Preview, Behind the Scenes

Coinciding with the Gamescom, Remedy rented Lichtspiele Kalk, an independent cinema, located just thirty minutes away from the main event at Koelnmesse. On Friday, Remedy's Instagram shared some photographs taken of the set-up and of the team based there! 


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