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27th July 2023
Dechart Games Jumps Into Alan Wake Remastered
Watch on Twitch, Saturdays at Noon PT

Last Saturday, Dechart Games made their debut trip to Bright Falls in the first section of their Alan Wake Remastered playthrough. 

If you're not familiar with the channel, DechartGames is hosted by married actors Bryan Dechart and Amelia Rose Blaire Dechart, who have been gaming together on Twitch since 2018. While their community was formed following the release (and stream) of Detroit: Become Human, a Quantic Dream title they both acted in, their watchers are also passionate about Remedy. Fans of Quantum Break will remember Amelia as the actor behind the fierce anti-Monarch Solutions university student, Amy Ferraro.

This is not their first time into the Remedy Connected Universe on their channel, either. The gaming duo previously took on The Hiss, showcasing a two-hour sneak peek of Control following E3 2019, alongside Remedy's Communications Director, Thomas Puha. Last year, they returned to Riverport for a full playthrough of Quantum Break

It's maybe this connection that gave Alan Wake Remastered the edge when their viewers were asked which game they wanted to play next. 

Last Saturday, they played the first two episodes, leaving players on a cliffhanger as Alan and Barry are set to meet Rose Marigold, who claims to have pages of the manuscript. You can watch their progress so far on Twitch, HERE

Dechart Games' Alan Wake Remastered playthrough will be broadcast live on Twitch on Saturdays at noon PT / 7pm UTC. Catch the dynamic duo this weekend! 

A smiling photo of Amelia Rose Blaire Dechart and Bryan Dechart, the hosts of Dechart Games.


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