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15th October 2023
Alan Wake Collector's Edition Featured In New Fright Of Your Life Humble Bundle

If you're planning to play Alan Wake 2 but have not purchased and played the original, you might like to check this out! Humble Bundle has recently launched the Fright Of Your Life bundle, featuring the writer among fantastically scary company. 

Valued at $194, the bundle is available from just $13 to receive all eight spooky titles: STATIS: Bone Totem, Bendy and the Dark Revival, Bendy and the Ink Machine, Hidden Deep, Tormented Souls, Pathologic 2, Moons of Madness, and Alan Wake Collector's Edition. After purchasing, you will receive an email link to redeem all activation codes for Steam.

At the time of writing, 7,380 bundles have been sold, with $12,139 raised for the two organisations!

You can check out the Humble Bundle HERE

Purchases of the Fright Of Your Life bundle support the International Media Corps and Direct Relief, with you choosing the percentage donated at checkout. 

International Medical Corps. The International Medical Corps provides healthcare (including important mental health support) and supplies to children, families, and communities impacted by conflict, disaster, and disease. While they are based in the UK, their help reaches across the globe, with eighteen different countries currently receiving vital assistance. You can view a map of active assistance and projects on their website, HERE.

Direct Relief. Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid organisation to help those affected by poverty or emergencies. They focus on strengthening the healthcare of people living in high-need areas and building upon what exists, as well as assisting in response efforts following natural disasters and crises. In a recent operational update, and over the course of just seven days, aid was being prepared for thirteen separate countries, containing a total of 455 shipments. You can read more about their work, HERE


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