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7th October 2023
Epic Games Sends Out Alan Wake 2 ARG "Welcome Packs" to Influencers [Transcriptions, Details, and Videos]

Sent out by Epic Games, the first press boxes for Alan Wake 2 have started landing on doorsteps... but with a twist. Inside is the welcome pack for an ARG (alternate reality game), which uses real-world puzzles to connect to the lore of the game.

In the game, the recipient takes on the role of a "rookie" Special Agent at the Federal Branch of Inspection (FBI) looking into the Bright Falls Investigation. While the evidence box has been examined by multiple agents prior, your job is to see if they have missed anything. 

The press parcel is secured inside a navy evidence cardboard box with a seal for the "Department of Legislation. Criminal Investigations". The seal features the US flag inside a shield, surrounded by two curving branches reaching out to a star. The design is accompanied by the Latin phrase "Finis Coronat Opus", which translates to "the end crowns the work".

Inside the box is a cardboard divider with months, numbers, and letters. Inside the first compartment, recipients can find an A4 letter introducing the contents of the box from the Department of Justice at the Federal Brance of Inspection at Pentagon City 22350. The document reads:


To: 'Rookie

RE: Welcome to the Federal Branch of Inspection (FBI) and first assignment: 'Bright Falls Investigation'.

Dear Rookie,
Congratulations on your acceptance to the bureau following the completion of background checks. I am Supervisory Special Agent Stacey Marrow. Welcome to the FBI.

I will be your immediate point of contact for the foreseeable future. Your first assignment is an administrative task. 

You will receive a delivery soon. It contains case files concerning an ongoing murder investigation. You are to examine and cross-reference the catalogue of files. You will identify any potential links in the evidence that may have been missed by more experienced agents. This is a standard FBI procedure. This has been double-checked before you. You will do it again:

The following items to assist you are included in this 'welcome pack':

- FBI badge and lanyard - To prove you are an official member of the agency.
- Plastic gloves - do not contaminate the evidence. Wear during the task.
- FBI notepad and pen - Document any discrepancies you may find in the files. 
- Handheld UV light - to uncover any case links that may have been missed. 
- Pins, string, post-it notes and Blu-Tack - For use when cross-referencing files.
- World's Greatest FBI Agent' mug - Look at it with something to aspire to. 

I will contact you later to evaluate your progress. I look forward to working with you, Rookie.


A False Base. In the special cardboard box, there is an arrow pointing down drawn in UV ink, visible if the recipient uses the blacklight. Underneath, they will find an unmarked envelope. Inside, there's a polaroid with a desk mask resting on a forest floor. On the back is a printed QR code that sends viewers to a recorded video by Agent Nightingale. In the video, he growls, "flick the switch. It goes click. Lights are off. But somebody's home. Somebody's home."

Handwritten Letter. Accompanying the photo is a handwritten letter marked in frantic capitals and black ink. "Don't tell anyone evidence about this letter. It'll probably wind up as new evidence. I was risking my life just writing it, let alone sneaking it into the box. You were chosen. Don't think it's a coincidence. You're working on something as heavy as the Bright Falls case from Day One. I think they know that you know what the place is really like. There's a picture in the envelope. Think of it as a clue to get you started. You may have seen something like it before when you close your eyes. Everything counts on you and your silence. Read between the lines. The only one who can stop this. Always keep a flashlight with you. Trust no one. Stay in the light. Don't go anywhere - and I mean anywhere. Stay out of the Dark. Where the lights are popping or flickering. You don't know what's really in there." 

The items are listed in the following compartments:

(A) January (1-3) Welcome letter.

(D) March (5-6) - Lanyard and FBI badge, pen, and lined notebook.

(I J) June (13-14) - Blacklight/torch and blue gloves.

(N O) August (19-20) - Pins and red string. 

(S) October (23-24) - Post-it notes and Blu-Tack

No One Has Yet...

- Used the blacklight on the back of the letter. 
- Gone through the notebook with the blacklight.
- Examine the files with the blacklight.
- Checked the base of the box with the blacklight. 


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