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About the Site

The Sudden Stop was originally an Alan Wake fansite, set up February 2012.  Following the announcement of Quantum Break one year later, it soon became a site dedicated to Remedy's entire game collection. Because of this change, it now focuses on Death Rally, the Max Payne series, the Alan Wake series (of course!), Agents of Storm, Quantum Break and (very recently) CROSSFIRE 2. There are still sections of the site which are still being written (you may have noticed some grey placeholder text on the sections), it's been a slow process but steady process, and I'm hoping to have everything completed shortly. 

A little bit about myself... Hello! I'm Jaden and I live in London. I joined the community back in 2011 with Alan Wake and soon after created The Sudden Stop. Away from the site, I play games and read a lot. Oh! And there's a cat in the neighbourhood that's adopted me. She's a little terrifying. We call her Bitey McBiterson. It's been three months since she's bitten someone, but I swear the other day she looked at me and I could tell by her eyes that she was weighing the pros and the cons.

In addition to running The Sudden Stop, I'm also a volunteer moderator on the Remedy Forums.

Please note, The Sudden Stop is an unofficial fan project with all maintenance costs paid for by myself. All views on the site are my own. 



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Quantum Break Series

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