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8th June 2023
Summer Game Fest 2023 [Part Two]
First Look at Raw Alan Wake 2 Gameplay

In our previous post about Summer Game Fest 2023, we spoke about how the organisers separated the on-stage interview with Sam Lake and the raw gameplay footage from Alan Wake 2. As we're including transcriptions (as well as audio and visual descriptions) of both, and as things may get a little too spoilery for some players who want to go in blind, we separated our posts too. 

You can find the five-minute interview and gameplay introduction with Geoff Keighley and Sam, HERE

As for the gameplay, you're in the right place! Below is a sneak peek at what Remedy has in store for us. Up until 1:53, you will see how combat has evolved (things are quite different), and if you're comfortable with spoilers, you can continue after that. The 1:53 mark on the video below is really the turning point between combat mechanics and story details. 

In the introduction, Sam does say that it's very early on in the game, and he would know! But it's entirely up to you and your comfort levels; whether you're comfortable with seeing teasers or want to go in blind. 

Video & Audio Description: Saga moves carefully through a path in the middle of the Bright Falls woods. A few crispy leaves can be heard caught up in the wind, as well as springing branches. As she enters a small clearing, raindrops spatter against her waterproof FBI coat. The rain is falling gently, creating a background hum as it hits the rocks, wood, and mud. She progresses further down the path until she hears what sounds to be a metal bucket being kicked.

Saga: Sounds like somebody's home.

Video & Audio Description: There's a slight pause, followed by more clattering deeper in the woods. It stops after a glass smashes. Saga follows the path deeper, twigs snapping beneath her feet, and raindrops hitting louder. Ominous music begins to swell as she approaches an abandoned building. The words "Cauldron Lake General Store" is visible above. The store itself has not been maintained, but it seems to be still in use by someone. Leaves kick up in the wind as Saga approaches. She looks to the left, noticing a streetlight nearby and a lantern on a picnic table. She walks inside and discovers an old shop floor now repurposed as a gathering space. Tools litter foldable wooden tables. The AHMA vending machines have been emptied. Suddenly there is a loud sound and a deer raises its head above a shelf.

Saga: Christ!

Video & Audio Description: The deer panics and runs out of the building. Saga recovers quickly and moves forward more briskly. Her footsteps are loud against the concrete floor. As she approaches an old Deerfest poster, the wall breaks apart, wood splintering everywhere. A figure emerges wearing olive-colour hunting gear and a dear mask. They are holding an axe and darkness seems to surround them. They're Taken. Saga stumbles across the floor. The attacker speaks but his words are distorted and incoherent. She regains balance and gets to her feet as the Taken moves towards her. She begins to fire, but it seems immune. Saga backs up outside to reload her service weapon. She uses the light from her torch to violently burn away the darkness surrounding him before firing another four shots. She reloads.

Taken: (Distorted) Stolen his heart!

Video & Audio Description: The Taken swings his axe, but Saga ducks out of the way. She gains distance, and fires again. She manages several shots to the torso, the final to the head. He drops.

Saga: A cultist. A Nightingale.

Video & Audio Description: She takes a closer look at the Taken, armed with the torch. Once reassured she's no longer at risk, she returns to the building. She walks through the hole now left between rooms. Inside there are more foldable chairs in addition to a small camping bed. By the bed, there's an insulated medical box, presumably to transport an organ. There's a white circle to indicate it's interactable. There's another item on the wall that has a similar symbol although the object is unclear from this distance. Perhaps a weapon? Saga turns around to find a chest freezer with its door open. There's another interactable item next to it, a toolbox, but she doesn't give it any attention. The darkness surrounding the freezer which she burns away with the light.

Video & Audio Description: We see a closeup inside the freezer. It's empty apart from a small amount of grey water and a human heart. There is an option to zoom using the left trigger or exit using the B button. Analogue sticks move the cursor, allowing the heart to be selectable. There's a square on the bottom-left of the screen showing the type and number of clues to be collected. Once the heart has been selected, the text reads, "Tattooed Heart. This wave crashed on the far side of the mirror." Once clicked, a Polaroid photo appears on the left-hand side of the screen a close-up of the organ. The text below it reads "Words on the heart are legible now."

Saga: The text on the heart is clearer now. Legible.

Video & Audio Description: Selecting the heart adds a photo to our collection. A notification appears reading "Clues Available" with the option to view the "Case Board" by pressing the two-squares button.

Saga: I knew it would be here...

Video & Audio Description: We enter a cinematic. Saga reaches into the freezer and picks up the heart. The only noise around her is the gentle hum of the machine. It is a dimly lit scene. 

Saga: I saw it in a dream.


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