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20th September 2023
Sam Lake Visits Kinda Funny Games Daily 09.11.23

While in Los Angeles, Sam Lake (Creative Director on Alan Wake 2) joined the Kinda Funny Games Daily livestream to discuss the latest gaming news and delve a little deeper into what awaits Alan.  

The ninety-minute broadcast was certainly unusual for viewers less familiar with the Games Daily setup; an hour-long broadcast on the latest news from the games industry, followed by a thirty-minute post-show discussion, with the interviewee alongside for both.

Some of the topics discussed during the livestream include the PlayStation Play Extra Games for September, rumours of a Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition, Microsoft's new credit card, New Spider-Man 2 screenshots, and layoffs at Embracer Group.

While the full broadcast is a recommended watch, if you're on the lookout for more Alan Wake 2 news, the sections to check out include the introduction, the mid-episode break (0:26:53 - 0:34:59), and the post-show (starting 0:55:26).

You can watch the full broadcast below or on the Kinda Funny YouTube Channel, HERE


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