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22nd October 2023
Community-Created Control Zine Available Now

Back in January, we wrote about a Control community zine, then in the works by Zath (RangerZath) and Wendy (WonderousWendy), two creators with a long history of zine building across numerous fandoms. The first instalment of the FBC Zine, launched on August 27th, is available to download via the group's website, featuring a long list of incredible contributing artists and writers. If you missed it in the Gamescom rush, you can read it HERE

The 135-page FBC Zine was created as part of the Control world, open to artists or fan fiction authors specifically. While you won't find any analysis or work about the game, you might hear about the world through the characters or original content based on the world of the FBC.

Artists. Artists include Brookah_, Bosco, Neh Dinesh, Angel, Goopy, SIIINS, Haelyonn, A-Flappy-Bat, Emma St. John, Sky, Robb Pickering, Seraph Corpse, SpaceQueen, Silicon Pit, Sitriga, Daney, Sal, Valentinapaz, and ZHA

Writers. Writers include. WonderousWendy, Jesse Mando, TurboToast, Zath, Kai, LexiTheLesibian, CrypticanEXE, Isaac Clarke, TheSleepingKnight, Berry, and RIN.

Additional illustrations were provided by CJ Tanuan, Sky Stage, and Neha Dinesh.

Zath and Wendy are now working on their second Control zine, the Oceanview Guestbook, with a companion zine called Leave the Lights On. You can learn more about their new project HERE


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