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7th December 2023
Ilkka Villi, Sam Lake & Kyle Rowley Stops By Giant Bomb at Nite

Ahead of The Game Awards tonight, Sam Lake, Kyle Rowley and Ilkka Villi swung by the Giant Bomb LA offices to take part in their pre-ceremony livestream, Giant Bomb at Nite. 

In an eighteen-minute segment, the Alan Wake 2 team sat down with journalists Jeff Grubb, Jeff Bakalar, Tamoor Hussain and Lucy James. Armed with an Altered Item plushy duck, they answer questions on a huge range of topics, including emotionally moving on from projects, "the face", scheduling for filming, beard growing, the challenges of live-action, and Sam taking on an acting role.

In the early part of the interview, they discuss how both the Max Payne and Alan Wake series have developed their own version of "the face". Looking over at Ilkka, Sam comments that Alan Wake's iconic look is "Scared but cool", a description that carried over from developing the original. Ilkka quickly counters with, "that's what it used to be! Now it's just... scared." It's a fantastic segment and definitely worth checking out, particularly as you wait for The Game Awards to start up.


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