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28th October 2023
Sam Lake Celebrates Alan Wake 2's Launch with Letter

It took almost a decade for Remedy to find financial backing and a publisher for its second Alan Wake adventure and four to develop the monster of a game. With the sequel finally here, it's an emotional time for a lot of people, and in particular for a certain Creative Director, who has been one of the individuals to spearhead the series and the sequel.

With the game now out, Sam Lake has written a special open letter to mark the milestone... 

"Right now, it feels like I’ve been trapped in the Dark Place for the past 13 years. No, that’s a lie. It feels much longer than that. Forever," Sam describes in his letter. "The game is done. Alan Wake 2 is finally emerging into the light. It’s real. For the longest time it was just fiction. And now the fiction has come true. It’s all meta and metaphors, hopelessly, and very purposefully, entangled. This has been a very personal project for me. I’m very proud of all the Remedy games we’ve made, but all through the way, I cared deeply about this one. More so than any other game. Maybe too much, if you can care too much about something you are creating. With that I felt an urge, almost as if on a dare, to keep pushing the ambition on the story, on storytelling, on the use of different mediums, on the interactive nature of it, on the stylization, on all of it, as far as I could imagine we could go. I feel we went pretty far. I feel we have made a Remedy game and a story we can be proud of. A Remedy game that’s perhaps more a Remedy game than any game before it."

You can read the full letter on the Alan Wake website, HERE

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