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1st July 2023
Poets of the Fall's Launches Limited Edition Ultraviolet Backdrop Range

If you saw Poets of the Fall (aka Old Gods of Asgard) during their Ultraviolet tour, you can now take home a piece of the band's history and a lovely memento of the gig!

Poets of the Fall has been recycling their old tour backdrops into bags and pouches, providing a new life for the material and giving fans a chance to purchase something extra special. The stage backdrops are made from high-quality canvas, providing a durable and rugged material that provides these new bags with an enduring gift. Each bag is a little different, cut from a different random piece from the backdrop.

The limited edition collection range from 49,99€ for large tote bags, to 19,99€ for a smaller pouch.

Unfortunately, the store cannot ship to Ukraine due to postal services being terminated. They are also unable to ship to Russia and Belarus due to suspensions. International services are available for all other locations, with various delivery options and prices. 

Check out the Ultraviolet bags on the Backstage Rockshop, HERE!


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