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25th April 2023
Poets of the Fall's 20th Anniversary
[New Merchandise, Website Design & Celebrations]

Today marks two decades since Poets of the Fall formed. The band has had a long history with Remedy, starting with Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne with Late Goodbye, which is also celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year! It's no surprise then, that there are large overlaps between the two communities, with many POTF fans being introduced to the music through their continued work on Alan Wake and Control

Ahead of the milestone, we heard of a new 20th Anniversary European tour, new merchandise, and saw a new group photo. That's not all though. For the day, there's been plenty for Poet fans to enjoy...

The founding members at the office, midway through a dog theft. Photo: Tiia Öhman

This Is Your Captain Speaking...

For the occasion, Markus "Captain" Kaarlonen wrote a little about how the band came to be and how it feels to be crossing over twenty years since its creation. The post was made public on Facebook following the band's celebrations on their official channels...

"On this day in 2003, my bandmates Marko & Olli decided to start a new band. I met them for the first time soon after, and in the summer of that same year we were already recording a song together. As the story goes, that song was originally meant to be just a quick and simple guitar+vocals demo for the voice actors of Max Payne 2, so they could learn and hum snippets of the song in the game, and that's it. But of course we couldn't leave it at that... I simply had to try how the demo sounds with some strings, drums and other instruments, and everyone seemed to like it. Eventually that demo became the song Late Goodbye as we know it today, and it played over the end credits of the game. (This also started our wonderful collaboration with Remedy Entertainment, which still continues strong today!)

"Marko & Olli told me they also had other songs and drafts, and asked if I'd like to record and produce those. I did, so we recorded more songs, and those eventually became our first album Signs of Life, which (to our astonishment) topped the charts in Finland. Cut to today, and here we are, 20 years, nine studio albums and countless live shows & tours later, still basically doing the exact same thing, just slightly older and a lot wiser (or was it the other way around...)."

Read the full post, HERE

New 20th Anniversary Merchandise

A few days ago, Poets of the Fall kicked off the first of the new merchandise with a special steel pendant and the third in the series of milestone metal badges, but there were a few pieces reserved for the special date. Featuring the "Screamcrest", all three items are currently available for pre-order with a release date of Mary 19th. 

"Screamcrest" T-Shirt (24,99 €)
Made from 100% song ring-spun cotton, pre-shrunk to be durable, and featuring a crew neck and double top stitching across the bottom and sleeves. Available from May 19th.

"Screamcrest" Women's Fit T-Shirt (29,99 €)
Made from 100% song ring-spun cotton, pre-shrunk to be durable, and featuring a crew neck and double top stitching across the bottom and sleeves. Available from May 19th.
"Screamcrest" Tote Bag (12,99 €)
A black tote bag, made of 100% cotton and featuring the 20th-anniversary crest. Due to be released on May 19th.

New Website Look
If you visit the official website, you may notice a few changes to celebrate the anniversary. The band is paying homage to Late Goodbye with clips from their music video, along with some small tweaks to make things a little extra special. 

Check out the new website, HERE


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