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8th October 2023
Remedy and Alan Wake 2 Nominated in Two Categories [Golden Joystick Awards 2023]

The nominations for the 41st Golden Joystick Awards 2023 have been announced, with voting now open to the public!

There are currently seventeen categories filled with incredible titles released between November 23rd 2022, and September 29th 2023.

Three more categories are set to be announced: Ultimate Game of the Year, Best Lead Performer, and Best Supporting Performer, with nominations set to be revealed on October 23rd, and voting closing a few days later on October 27th. For those awards, nominated titles can be released up until November 10th (the date of the awards ceremony), paving the way for a potential Alan Wake 2 nomination. 

At present, Remedy has been shortlisted in two categories: Studio of the Year (Remedy Entertainment) and Best Game Trailer for Alan Wake 2 (The Dark Place Gameplay Trailer). 

The winners will be announced at the Royal Lancaster London, in Hyde Park, on November 10th 2023. The event will be broadcast live, with details to come closer to the date. Prices for event attendance start at £420 (plus VAT) for early bird access. 

You can vote for the games that stood out for you at GamesRadar, HERE!


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