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4th January 2023
DechartGames To Stream Quantum Break [with Amelia Rose Blaire Dechart, Amy Ferrero]

Mark your calendars! Starting January 8th (noon PT), DechartGames featuring Bryan Dechart and Amelia Rose Blaire Dechart will take on Monarch Solutions in a brand new livestream of Quantum Break

This playthrough is one not to miss as Amelia previously played a prominent role in the adventure, university campaigner, Amy Ferrero. With the inclusion of junction moments throughout the game, Amy can join the player, providing assistance and insight into Monarch Solutions' activities.

The gaming duo previously took on The Hiss, showcasing a two-hour sneak peek following E3 2019, alongside Remedy's Communications Director, Thomas Puha. Although this will be the first time returning to Riverport.

You can watch Dechart's playthrough, HERE

10/01/23 Update: You can watch the first part on their Twitch channel, HERE. The duo will continue their adventures on Sundays at noon PT. 

28/07/23 Update: Watch the full playthrough on YouTube, HERE


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