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10th October 2023
Alan Wake Set To Arrive in Fortnite for Fortnitemares 2023

Epic Games has just now revealed their highly-anticipated Fortnitemares 2023 (Battle Royale V26.30 Update) schedule, which comes packed with new events, new characters, and... a certain writer. 

Alan Wake will be joining the Fortnite cast later this month! "He’s already haunted by his own twisted tales, and soon he’ll be haunted by Fortnitemares," describes Epic Games in their Halloween teaser. "Best-selling novelist Alan Wake is being written into Fortnite with the Alan Wake Outfit — look out for when his chapter starts in the Item Shop later during Fortnitemares 2023!"

In addition to the Alan Wake Outfit, players can also unlock three items; the sachel (as seen in Alan Wake 2) with the special Angel Lamp poking out, a weapon wrap with imagery from the upcoming game, and the Angel Lamp in its complete form (a potential melee weapon, but honestly that just sounds like it invalidates the lamp's warranty). The outfit and "Waking Nightmare" set items are due to be available in the Shop, likely purchasable with V-Bucks, Fortnite's in-game currency. We'll have more details soon!

New Weapons. Fortnitemares will also be bringing a new series of weapons to the game. During the event, players can collect the Wood Stake Shotgun, Thorne's Vampiric Blade, Pumpkin Launcher, Witch Broom, and Sanguine Sweets. There will also be a series of in-game rewards exclusive to the season for players who complete five, fifteen, and twenty-five Fortnitemares Quests.

New Event. In Horde Rush, players are placed in teams and tasked with visiting different haunted locations, which will force them to stick together to overcome the Cube Monster horde. This mode also has its own set of Quests and rewards for players who complete one, four, or seven of these challenges.

New Outfits. As for outfits, the new and returning outfits include Seth, Bogstick, Phantom Meowscles, and Festival Phaedra, alongside tie-ins such as the Pumpkin King himself, Disney's Jack Skellington, Michael Myers (all I can see is that James Kirk mask), and (of course) Alan Wake. 

Fortnite's Fortnitemares 2023 is due to run until November 3, 2023, at 2 AM ET (7am GMT / 9am EET).

At present, it's not known when Alan Wake is set to join the Fortnite cast or how long he will be available to unlock. We'll have more information as it's released!

Source: Epic Games
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