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17th October 2023
Revisit Bright Falls in Fortnite's Alan Wake: Flashback
Island Code: 3426-5561-3374

Explore Bright Falls in a brand new way with Fortnite's Alan Wake: Flashback! Built using the Unreal Editor, the adventure is intended to bring players up to speed with the events of the original game before the launch of Alan Wake 2

The special three-part level was developed by Epic Games in collaboration with Spiral House, Zen Creative, and Remedy Entertainment. 

You can visit Fortnite's Alan Wake: Flashback right now(!) with the island code 3426-5561-3374. (For those fellow introverts out there, it is a single-player experience. It's just you and the atmosphere. As a Fortnite newbie, I jumped in for the first time last night, and it's very relaxed and chill.) Keep an eye out for Oh Deer Diner Thermoses, as there are six to collect!

Fortnite is available to download for free on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, Android, PC, and cloud-based services. 

Bonus Fortnite Content! If you missed it earlier, Alan Wake (plus an assortment of themed weapons and items) will also be coming to Fortnite as part of their Fortnitemares event. If you have pre-ordered Alan Wake 2 (or plan to purchase the game within the first year) on the Epic Store, you will automatically unlock the Alan Wake Outfit and Alan's Messenger Bag Back Bling.

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