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23rd December 2023
Remedy Wraps Up 2023
[New Festive Art & End of Year Article]

Yesterday, Remedy closed out the week and their year with a new piece of artwork celebrating the season and an article looking back on their adventures these past twelve months. 

Writing on their website, the developers teased, "We are excited about the content we got in the pipeline for 2024. However, the development and supporting teams are now on well-deserved holidays until early 2024. We need to recharge our batteries and play all these amazing games other developers and publishers put out in 2023."

The piece also looks back over a year of memories, from watching the press and influencers take on the Alan Wake 2 demo at a special event held in Los Angeles to the Old Gods of Asgard performance at The Game Awards 2023. While it was filled with positive milestones, it also acknowledges the challenges and sadness from the past year, with the article concluding with lovely words about James McCaffrey, the voice of Max Payne and Alex Casey, who passed away earlier this month. 

You can read the full article on their website, HERE.


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