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1st January 2024
Ilkka Villi Shares Behind the Scenes Alan Wake 2 Photos & New Year Message

To celebrate the turn of the year, Alan Wake actor, Ilkka Villi posted new photos on his public Instagram page from his time recording his more quirky Alan Wake 2 characters. 

Having portrayed the eponymous protagonist in the original Alan Wake adventure, Ilkka stepped into a much greater role in the sequel, taking on not just the physical role of Alan Wake and Mr Scratch, but providing the full performance of Thomas Zane, a character seen exclusively in live-action scenes. The photographs show his post-costume and post-make-up look at Thomas Zane and Mr Scratch. 

His caption reads, "If 2023 left you a bit beaten and confused, I hope 2024 is a lot gentler and happier. I found these bloody Alan Wake 2 on-set selfies in my archives. So many super-skilled people were involved in creating the live action scenes. A shoutout this time especially to our amazing costume designer @matinarosuvi and the wonderful makeup artists @laurarantaniemi and @jennieemeli. HAPPY 2024 EVERYONE!!!"

Source: Ilkka Villi, Instagram


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