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6th December 2023
ArtStation's Art Blast Explores Newly Released Alan Wake 2 Art

With a game like Alan Wake 2, so much of it relies on the team being in sync with each other. Not only is there a very distinctive vibe for the Dark Place, Bright Falls and Watery, with each having their own unique atmosphere, but each needs to subtly complement each other and feel like part of the same story.

In a recent post, ArtStation has published their latest Art Blast with a collection of new artwork from the Alan Wake 2 art team, from concept art to lighting screenshots. There's a huge range of different roles and skills being shown, which is incredible to see. 

For the new collection, Janne Pulkkinen (Art Director on Alan Wake 2) wrote a little about what it was like returning to the series. "Returning to the world of Alan Wake has been a shared dream across the team at Remedy Entertainment. When we finally got the chance to make a sequel, we poured everything we had learned during the wait into it, and we’ve all been thrilled by the enthusiastic reception of this strange and ambitious game."

He continues, "Atmosphere is everything in a horror game, and in a good work environment. In addition to the incredible individual skill on display here, it requires deep collaboration across various crafts for everything to come together successfully. This believable but quirky and supernaturally scary world is a testament to the creative collaboration and culture of trust within the team. Thank you to everyone who has been part of this."

You can check out the full collection HERE!

(Please note! If you've not finished the game, you might want to bookmark the link and come back later, as there are some potential spoilers.)


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