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27th August 2023
505 Games & Remedy Celebrates Control's Fourth Anniversary

It's hard to believe that we first entered the Federal Bureau of Control so long ago, but today marks Control's fourth anniversary!

To celebrate the milestone, Antonela Pounder (Director of Global Community at 505 Games) wrote a special article for the Control website.

In the piece, she talks about the team's feelings ahead of the launch, shared new community creations, and reached out to a number of superfans, TJ Marinelli, CBVP Virtual Photography, Damon, PayneReactor, Sarah, and Krystine, to hear their thoughts on the game's legacy. We also heard from Juha Vaino (Executive Producer, Head of the Control Franchise) and Courtney Hope (Jesse Faden, Actor) and got treated to a mindblowing new piece by Krystine! Read Antonela's full piece, HERE!

Alongside the article, the community also joined in with their celebrations! Below are tweets from so many incredible and talented fans...


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