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26th October 2023
Alan Wake 2, Character Card #10: Warlin Door

With launch day almost upon us, we're getting two Character Cards in a single day! For those who don't know, for the past few months, Remedy has been delving into the characters of the upcoming sequel as part of an ongoing social media feature.

Over the past few months, we've heard about Saga AndersonAlex CaseyAlan WakeTim BreakerKiran EstevezRobert NightingaleIlmo and Jaakko KoskelaRose Marigold and earlier today, Tor and Odin Anderson

Today's second card introduces the charismatic talk show host, Mr Door.

Mr Door is a new character introduced to the game, seemingly the host of a late-night talk show, In Between with Mr Door. 

On his new role, the actor, David Harewood, describes his character as "fairly affable. and friendly, and fun. But as the story develops, I think you get an idea that Door is not quite the person who he seems to be. As an actor and a gamer, it's just really cool to be not just in a video game but to be in a video game made by who I think are probably some of the best video game makers. Their storytelling is fantastic, and some of it's really dark."

Text Reads: "Warlin Door is the host of the popular late night talk show "In Between, with Mr. Door", which boasts Alan Wake as one of its celebrity guests. He is a prominent figure in the Dark Place, the nightmare reality that Alan Wake is trapped in. Mr. Door is a powerful, magnetic presence, the ideal professional talk show host. But is he more than he lets on?"


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