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27th September 2023
Alan Wake 2, Character Card #4: Tim Breaker

Today, we saw the fourth spotlighted character in Remedy's Alan Wake 2 Character Card series, a social media series which explores the motivations and backgrounds of key individuals in the upcoming adventure. 

So far, we've heard about Saga Anderson, Alex Casey, and Alan Wake. (If you missed any of the previous cards, click on the name to learn more!)

Today's card might show a familiar face and a familiar surname, but he's an all-new character for fans of the original adventure. Yes, Shawn Ashmore is back in a new Remedy title! While he won't be bending time as Jack Joyce, he will be taking on the role of sheriff, a position previously maintained by his cousin.

In the game, Shawn will be bringing life to Tim Breaker, carrying on the family tradition of having Bright Falls protected by a Sheriff Breaker.

Text Reads: "Tim Breaker is the sheriff of the Bright Falls Sheriff's Department, cousin to former sheriff Sarah Breaker. He's honest and good-natured, handling any small town disputes or crime fairly, although he prefers to maintain peace rather than enforce the law. He has a strong belief in the supernatural, which makes him a bit strange, but still well liked by the town."


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