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26th October 2023
Alan Wake 2, Character Card #9: Tor and Odin Anderson

Coinciding with the embargo lift, Remedy has shared the ninth part of their Character Card series, an ongoing social media feature which teases the heroes and villains in the upcoming game. 

Over the past couple of months, we've heard about Saga Anderson, Alex Casey, Alan Wake, Tim Breaker, Kiran Estevez, Robert Nightingale, Ilmo and Jaakko Koskela, and more recently, Rose Marigold.

Today's card brings us another two brothers, this time our favourite fictional rock and rollers, Tor and Odin Anderson. 

We were first introduced to the Anderson brothers causing mayhem at Hartman's Cauldron Lake's Lodge. Following the events of the original game, they were taken out of retirement and travelled with Barry Wheeler as their new agent, performing back on stage. In the years following, Wheeler set up the Valhalla Nursing Home, where they currently reside. 

Text Reads: "The two remaining members of the Old Gods of Asgard a 70s rock band with pretensions to Viking godhood. Odin was the singer and guitarist, and Tor the drummer. Now the Anderson brothers are too old to rock out, and have settled down in the Valhalla Nursing Home. Tor is rough and rowdy compared to is gentler brother. There is something peculiar about this pair. Odin's one eye may give him strange wisdom, and Tor is tougher than he looks."


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