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14th October 2023
Alan Wake 2, Character Card #6: Agent Robert Nightingale

Yesterday, Remedy published the sixth post in their Character Card series, a continuing social media feature which introduces new and established characters set to appear in the upcoming Alan Wake 2.

Over the past couple of months, we've heard about Saga AndersonAlex CaseyAlan WakeTim Breaker and Kiran Estevez

Today's card returns to a familiar enemy, Agent Robert Nightingale, who we last saw lurking in the shadows at the Deerfest parade, his gaze lingering on Rose Marigold, who, too, had been influenced by the Dark Presence.

While players saw his intense obsession with the writer in the original game, a drive that led him to seemingly go almost rogue from the FBI, we didn't get to explore too much about the why. If you're curious, this character card answers exactly that. 

Text Reads: "Dismissed from the FBI and obsessed with a man he kept seeing in his dreams, Robert Nightingale had once pursued Alan Wake in Bright Falls, attempting to prevent him from writing any more reality-altering stories. A loose cannon with no regard for protocol or causalities, he was taken by the Dark Presence. Now, he is a monster."


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