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21st September 2023
Alan Wake 2, Character Card #3: Alan Wake

This week, Remedy posted the third image in their Alan Wake 2 Character Card series, a social media series which explores the motivations and backgrounds of key individuals in the upcoming adventure. 

The feature began during Gamescom, where Saga Anderson marked the debut of the series. More recently, we heard more about Alex Casey, the hardboiled detective who had previously just been a character on a page. 

Today's card is the one that many fans have been waiting for... that tweed-wearing, flashlight-slinging writer himself, Alan Wake. 

The unexpected gap between the first game and its sequel has become a key aspect in Alan Wake 2. The protagonist has been trapped in the Dark Place for over a decade, attempting to leave. We arrive back to the story after he's been fighting back insanity, relearning his strengths, and pathing a new way to escape.

Text Reads: "Alan Wake, once a bestselling author of hardboiled crime novels, is now a prisoner of the Dark Place, a nightmare dimension where he's been trapped for 13 years. He has been fighting to stay sane, he has been writing to try and escape back to our reality. Around him, his nightmares, his fears, and his stories manifest, and the Dark Presence stalks him. So far, he has failed to escape." 


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