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3rd October 2023
Alan Wake 2, Character Card #5: Kiran Estevez

Last month, Remedy revealed that Janina Gavankar would be joining the Alan Wake 2 cast, portraying an established character from the Control series, FBC Agent Kiran Estevez. 

Kiran Estevez, was originally introduced in Control's AWE DLC with the agent leading the operation at the Lake House station in Bright Falls. She was also a key member in capturing Dr Emil Hartman after he had been consumed by the Dark Presence and ensured his return to the bureau for further research and containment.

Today's card expands on her personality and struggles, detailing the drop in support from the bureau following the Hiss invasion and how she became a leader in response.

So far, we've heard about Saga Anderson, Alex Casey, Alan Wake, and Tim Breaker. (If you missed any of the previous cards, click on the name to learn more!)

Text Reads: "When the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control shut its doors due to an internal emergency, FBC agent Kiran Estevez was left with little support or assistance, but also the freedom to call her own shots. Despite the growing struggle to contain every paranatural occurrence she and her team can manage, Estevex will do the right thing, and protect those that need it most."


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