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20th October 2023
Alan Wake 2, Character Card #8: Rose Marigold

On Thursday, Remedy posted the eighth instalment in their Character Card series, an ongoing social media feature which teases the upcoming characters set to appear in Alan Wake 2.

Two in one week? It's like Piccadilly Circus around here. Over the past couple of months, we've heard about Saga Anderson, Alex Casey, Alan Wake, Tim Breaker, Kiran Estevez, Robert Nightingale, as well as Ilmo and Jaakko. 

The eighth card sees a return of a familiar name, Rose Marigold, the memorable waitress from the Oh Deer Diner and Alan Wake's "biggest fan". Last we saw her, things weren't... too great. She was influenced by the Dark Presence, an interaction that has left her shaken but not overcome like their other victims. 

In the sequel, Rose is still around selling the best cupcakes in the Pacific Northwest, but has since taken up a second job at the Valhalla Nursing Home, a residential home set up by Barry Wheeler on behalf of the Anderson brothers. 

Text Reads: "Rose is not just a waitress at the Oh Deer Diner, she is Alan Wake's biggest fan. She is always cheerful and bright, though her strange detachment from reality has only increased after her brief corruption by the Dark Presence. At her core, she is still above all kind and has a strong moral compass. She has a second job at the Valhalla Nursing home, where she takes care of the residents."


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