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31st July 2019
IGN First Concludes With Control-Themed Q&A

IGN First concluded their month-long coverage of Control today with a special Control-themed Q&A

In the hot-seat today were Sam Lake (Creative Director), Mikael Kasurinen (Game Director), and Thomas Puha (Communications Director).

The community Q&A covers a lot of topics ranging from story influences to a post-launch photo mode, environmental storytelling and more! We learn more about Jesse's childhood and her motivations as well as the campaign length. You can read the interview in full, HERE.

Missed anything? If you missed IGN's coverage this past month, make sure to visit their Control hub for all their exclusive goodness. Starting off, they released a series of never-before-seen screenshots and the introduction to the game, a review of their eight-hour preview, an interview with Remedy's Creative Director, an analysis of Jesse's service weapon, and the full preview of the Underhill side mission. In recent days, they've posted a list curated by Narrative Designer, Brooke Maggs of "New Weird" shows and books that you should check out ahead of August 27th, plus an eight-minute preview of the Black Rock Quarry main mission.


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