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28th July 2019
Getting Into That Control Mood? IGN First Talks to Brooke Maggs On Her "New Weird" Recommendations

In a recent article by IGN, Joe Skrebels spoke to Control's Narrative Designer, Brooke Maggs, about her recommendations for books, movies, and TV that Remedy fans should check out as we approach August 27th.

"When it comes to games, we’re pretty familiar with the trappings of fantasy, sci-fi or war narratives, but you might be a little less up to date with New Weird," describes Joe Skrebels in the article's introduction. "Coined by author M. John Harrison to describe the work of (among others) China MiĆ©ville, it’s a form of speculative fiction that revels in inexplicability - it’s often a bit horror, a bit sci-fi, a bit fantasy, but if you put it up against any of the canon texts in those genres, it wouldn’t look like any of them. It’s telling that many authors who get told they’re part of the New Weird immediately reject it, because they think being defined at all is too limiting."

Specifically targeting the "New Weird" genre, Brooke's list included the recent Twin Peaks series,  Jeff Vandermeer's Southern Reach Trilogy, The X-Files, and more! 

You can see her full list of recommendations, HERE!


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