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1st August 2019
The Sudden Stop Newsletter / Issue 31 [July 2019]

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Spotlighted Studio News: Alan Wake Publishing Rights Acquired! At the start of July, Remedy announced that they had acquired the publishing rights to Alan Wake from Microsoft Studios. While Remedy owned the IP, Microsoft had previously owned console-exclusivity rights.

Studio News From July 2019

- ALAN WAKE Remedy Re-Acquires IP Publishing Rights
- ALAN WAKE Joins The Epic Store [Will Be Free 2-9 August]
- ALAN WAKE Continued Interest At Remedy To Pursue Alan Wake 2
- CONTROL Game Director Announces Gold Status
- CONTROL “Official Story Trailer” Launches
- CONTROL Guardian Con 2019 Wrap Up
- CONTROL LAN Party Lawyers Talks Control In New Interview
- CONTROL New #WallpaperWednesday Shows Jesse In Fuschia
- CONTROL Official Instagram Character Profile, Emily Pope
- CONTROL Official Instagram Character Profile, Ahti
- CONTROL Official Instagram Character Profile, Simon Arish
- CONTROL PC Specifications Teased on Epic Store Page
- CONTROL New Nvidia Super Fast Supernatural Bundle Announced
- CONTROL Title’s Achievement List Revealed
- DEV Redhill Games Raises $11.4 Million in Funding
- DEV Amelia Rose Blaire (Amy Ferrero in Quantum Break) Announces New Projects
- DEV Shawn Ashmore (Quantum Break’s Jack Joyce) Talks Man of Medan

- IGN FIRST The First Thirteen Minutes of Control
- IGN FIRST Extensive Preview of IGN’s Exclusive Eight-Hour Demo
- IGN FIRST Podcast Episode #495 Discusses Control & Man of Medan
- IGN FIRST Full Preview of “Underhill” Side Mission
- IGN FIRST Exclusive Look at Jesse’s Service Weapon and Forms
- IGN FIRST Ryan McCaffrey Talks to Sam Lake In Extended Interview
- IGN FIRST Brooke Maggs’ “New Weird” Recommendations
- IGN FIRST Eight-Minute “Black Rock Quarry” Preview
- IGN FIRST Community Q&A (w. Lake, Kasurinen, and Puha)

Spotlighted News: IGN First Spotlights Control in Month-Long Coverage! Throughout July, IGN posted regular exclusive coverage of Control on their website. From written previews of the first eight hours to a video showcasing the opening scene. Check out IGN First for all the announcements, HERE!

Community News From July 2019

Community Spotlight for July: Mister No Life's Retrospective! Our Community Spotlight for July was Mister No Life, whose YouTube channel is filled with in-depth and analytical retrospectives. Read, HERE!

- PAYNEREATOR How to Fight The Hiss
- PAYNEREACTOR What You Need To Play Control on PC
- POETS OF THE FALL Evil-Owl-Loki's Art Spotlighted on Band's Instagram
- REMEDY Media Take Centre Stage In New Barbican Centre Throwback Video

Community Spotlight for June: K_Mentev! Artist, @k_mentev was our Community Spotlight for June! Check out the full article and interview with the brilliant artist, HERE!

There were a lot of incredible Alan Wake art posted by the community these past four weeks, check out some of them below: Jeremy's minimalistic Alan Wake digital artwork,Amanda's artwork of Wake overrun with Taken, Marina's lovely hand-drawn Jack Joyce portrait, lonelion_924's Alan Wake comic (he does love those cliffs!), and Mary's adorable Alan Wake/Moomin crossover.


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