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16th July 2019
IGN Reveals Full Control Underhill Side Mission
[Side Mission Spoilers]

Continuing their month-long exclusive coverage of Control, IGN has just published a seventeen-minute look at one of the game's side-missions, showcasing Jesse's abilities, various weapon modes, and one of the boss battles.

The video features new content, as well as new enemies and new characters, so if you're avoiding spoilers, you may want to give the teaser a miss. You may also not want to scroll down further as we will be discussing the content in the video.

If you're curious to check it out, and not too bothered about spoilers, you can watch the side mission in full below:

In the mission, Jesse gets pulled aside by a brash researcher, Dr Underhill, whose work in mould expansion is considered, for her, a higher priority over the Hiss invasion. She tasks Jesse with looking for five mould strain samples which will allow the new Director to enter deeper into the threshold and locate the approximate source of the growth. Those strain samples are A) found near fresh corpses, B) found near toilets, C) found near televisions, D) found near staircases, and E) grows near "the Pit".

After locating the strains, Underhills quickly uses them to create a pill that will allow Jesse to venture down to the lower levels, unharmed by the mould spores. She will, however, face the remaining members of Underhill's Ranger team who have been taken over by the fungus and the boss battle waiting at the source.


IGN: In Control, side missions are where you’ll find almost all of your unlockable powers as well as some of the hardest boss battles in the game. In this footage, you’ll see us take on the entirety of one of those side missions and it culminates in one of those boss battles as well, and as you’ll see it’s not exactly easy.

UNDERHILL:  Do you normally barge into people’s private workspaces? 

JESSE (INT): She clearly doesn’t know who she’s talking to.

JESSE: Shouldn’t you be in a safe room?

UNDERHILL: Why? Because of those “Hiss” things the Rangers keep going on about? Haven’t you people sorted that out yet? The situation down here could spell doom for the Bureau.

JESSE: You mean this mould?

UNDERHILL: Correct. Perhaps you could help me? I require samples of various mould strains, and the mould has made the environment far too dangerous for me to fetch them myself.

JESSE: Really? Mould samples? I thought this could spell doom.

UNDERHILL: It could, and it will, whoever you are. The mould is spreading. We need to find the source before it spreads too far.

JESSE: And these samples will do that?

UNDERHILL: No. Samples of five unique strains, when blending properly will allow you to travel deeper into the pit where I can pinpoint the approximate location of the source of the mould.

JESSE: Okay. So what are these samples look like?

UNDERHILL: Similar to the one on my table there. I’ve made a list of the samples I need here. You’ll find them throughout the threshold.

JESSE: I’ll take a look… my name’s Jesse, by the way. 

After finding Type A by a corpse by a vine-covered wall: This must be one of the samples.
After finding Type B in the toilet: Gross, Underhill's gonna owe me for this
After finding Type C near a TV on a desk: One of Underhill's samples. 
After finding Type D underneath a staircase: Found one!
After finding Type E to the side of a glowing pit: This looks like a good one. 

After collecting all five samples: That's all five samples. I should get these back to Underhill.

Once Jesse returns to Dr Underhill:

UNDERHILL: You look like a woman with mould for me.

JESSE: I found all five, but I… kinda wanted to eat them.

UNDERHILL: The mould has that effect on some people, likely due to the fact that it’s not actually mould or even of this dimension. I suspect that it is the result of two incompatible molecular structures, one dominant coming into contact, I call it “mould” or “fungus” because it’s closely related in appearance and behaviour than anything else we know…except perhaps bacteria.

JESSE (INT): She reminds me of my old biology teacher.

UNDERHILL: Did you happen to meet any more members of my Ranger detail?

JESSE: I didn’t see any Rangers, just walking mould people…Unless-

UNDERHILL: Yes, if you found mould people, you’ve found my Rangers. I refer to the creatures as “hosts” they, like other unwary agents, succumb to the appetite. But that’s nothing for you to worry about. The pill I’m about to make with these samples will make the lower levels perfectly safe to traverse. It has the added benefit of immunising you against the Pit’s toxic spores.

JESSE (INT): I feel like I should ask to see her credentials.

UNDERHILL: There! Now that didn’t take too long, did it? Ingest this pill, then go and find the source of the mould; only there can we begin to understand how to stop it.

JESSE (INT): Take a mystery pill because a rude lady in a hazmat suit tells you to. Great idea, Jesse.

JESSE: (Takes pill) Urgh.

UNDERHILL: Honestly, did you want me to wrap it in cheese?

JESSE: Not the taste, the smell. It stinks in here now.

UNDERHILL: Good. That means the pill is working. The worse it smells, the safer you’ll be. Now go, find the source.

After relocating the Pit: This must be the pit that Underhill was talking about.
After defeating Rangers at the bottom of the pit: The Rangers must have come through here. 

Threshold Log 1 Recording: Squad Captain Lopez, reporting on expedition 17B. At the formation now. [Audio masked by protagonist using her powers to throw item, the following lines are an approximation of the script] Visually no distinction from the previous visit. Link detectors still standing. One arch has a light flashing- [audio becomes too difficult to hear]. Lopez out. 

As Jesse explores deeper into the threshold: Geez, it reaks in here! 
After discovering the source: Is that the source? It's... kind of pretty. 

IGN: If you want to see more of Control, we've got tonnes of it this month. We've got the first thirteen minutes of the game, as well as a huge hands-on preview, all as part of our IGN First. 


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