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29th July 2019
IGN First Explores Control's Black Rock Quarry In New Clip [Potential Spoilers]

IGN First's latest exclusive look at Control explores the Black Rock Quarry in an action-packed, combat-filled, eight-minute glimpse into the main story mission.

If you've been following Control's coverage over the past few months, the Black Rock Quarry may be a familiar sight. Housed in the Federal Bureau of Control, the area defies physics with floating rock and a brilliantly clear night sky; it's definitely otherworldly.

Tasked with activating "the explosives to excavate the Black Rock Prism", Jesse must fight through waves of enemies to secure the area. In her fight, the video shows two weapon forms ("Grip" a revolve-like form and "Spin" a machine-gun-like form), and Jesse's abilities to possess enemies and throw objects. While the area may not be the most terrifying, at least not in the eight minutes, compared to some of the other scenes that we've seen, it is undoubtedly unnerving! When the combat dies down, the player can hear a deep groaning voice talking in the background, similar to the Zero State in Quantum Break.

We're also introduced to a new enemy, one which runs up to Jesse mid-combat, with a recognisable howl, and explodes nearby, taking a significant part of her health bar. We're going to need to look out for them!

You can watch the full preview below, or via the website, HERE


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