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23rd July 2019
IGN's Ryan McCaffrey Talks to Sam Lake In A New Remedy-Special IGN Unfiltered Episode

In the next instalment of Control-goodness from IGN First's exclusive coverage, Ryan McCaffrey speaks to Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy) in a new episode of IGN Unfiltered.

The interview was originally filmed in Los Angeles during E3 week but released today as part of IGN's month-long focus into Control.

The episode lasts just over seventy minutes, during which they talk about Sam's career at Remedy spanning from Death Rally to Control, and the potential of a long-awaited sequel to Alan Wake.

We learn more about how Sam joined the company and his influences and inspirations as a child. Plus we discover more the projects that were being prototyped at Remedy before the studio focused on Max Payne, as well as the audition process for Max Payne's voice, the Max Payne movie (which is a really fascinating discussion!), product placement in Alan Wake and regaining control of their IP.

So much stuff!

You can watch the full interview below: 


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