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12th July 2019
IGN Publishes Extensive Control Preview [Eight-Hour Look]
[IGN First]

On Wednesday, IGN’s Joe Skrebels (UK Deputy Editor) published a new preview detailing his experience following an extensive eight-hour long preview of Control. The write up is the second in a series of new content drops promised by the outlet as they focus on Remedy’s upcoming title for July’s IGN First.

In the preview, Joe describes the fluidity of the combat and how the company has improved the response time of controls since Quantum Break. Emphasis is put on exploration, with all of the levels of the FBC unlocked within the first few hours of the game, in fact, Joe describes the attitude on exploration as “Remedy doesn’t just want you to discover the world it’s created, it positively insists upon it.”

Interestingly, his preview gave the impression that very little about the discoveries, particularly optional narrative content, he made are about Jesse, a departure from previous Remedy titles in which the protagonist was more central. Instead, the mysteries discovered along the way form a more in-depth view of The Oldest House and the FBC. In another departure from the studio’s previous work, puzzles seem more prominent, both in terms of its story and as physical

A paragraph in the preview also covers difficulty levels, of which they are none. The player’s experience can be made easier or more challenging depending on their level of exploration (side quests unlock new abilities and potential mods). The saving system is compared to Dark Souls, a game known for its ruthlessness, as players are transported back to the last Control Point that was activated. Although it will be made clearer when the game launches in August, the lack of difficulty level may also potentially hinder accessibility. While that possible issue wasn’t mentioned in IGN’s recent preview, the lack of difficulty tiers it was marked as the author’s “only major worry for the game”.

However, despite that concern, Joe’s extensive preview of the game was overwhelmingly positive, frequently praising the title from everything from combat to particle effects, unnerving environmental storytelling, to exploration. You can read the full post over at the IGN website, HERE!


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