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23rd August 2023
[Gamescom 2023] Press Wrap-Up, Interviews with the Alan Wake 2 Team (Update #7)

If anyone needs a hundred thermoses of coffee it's the Alan Wake team this week. Gamescom 2023 is now in motion with the studio in attendance with a brand new demo for Alan Wake 2. For this event, they're sharing what awaits Alan as he travels across a broken nightmare version of New York. 

In this post, we will be collecting interviews with the team. So far, we have seen interviews with Sam Lake (Creative Director and Lead Writer on Alan Wake 2) and Kyle Rowley (Game Director). The page will be updated with each new preview posted, so keep an eye on that update number at the top.

If you're interested in hearing how the developers built Alan's nightmare, check out the posts below: 

Alan Wake II trailer breakdown: Game-maker Sam Lake answers burning questions
by Nick Romano (Entertainment Weekly)
Interview with Sam Lake

For those 13 years, Alan has been trapped in a dream reality, the Dark Place, trying to write a new story that will free him from his prison. "I can very much sympathize," Sam Lake, the Finnish game writer and creative director of developer Remedy Entertainment, tells EW. Lake has been in his own proverbial Dark Place while working on the sequel, Alan Wake II, which dropped a trailer during Gamescom on Tuesday and locked in an Oct. 27 release date.

Read the full interview with Sam, HERE

How Alan Wake 2's Live-Action Scenes Make the Dark Place More Terrifying | gamescom 2023
Interview with Sam Lake

"Join Alan Wake 2 creative director Sam Lake as he fills us in on the upcoming survival horror sequel. From explaining how live action scenes will be layered into the Dark Place to make it even more disorienting, to finding the perfect pacing for the game, Lake talks about how the sequel will differ from its predecessor. He also mentions the importance of comedy in horror as well as inspiration taken from movies like Midsommar and Seven."

Alan Wake 2 “could not have been made earlier,” Remedy says
by Ken Allsop (PCGamesN)
Interview with Kyle Rowley and Sam Lake

"As we get our latest look at Alan Wake 2 during Gamescom 2023, Remedy creative director Sam Lake says the team “could not have made this game earlier.” In an interview attended by PCGamesN at the event, Lake and Alan Wake 2 director Kyle Rowley tell us how the survival horror game plays on the history of Remedy itself."

Read the full interview, HERE!

Sam Lake Talks Alan Wake 2, Psychological Horror & Control Crossover

by Charleyy (XBOX On)
Interview with Kyle Rowley and Sam Lake

"Check out the latest on Alan Wake 2 with Sam Lake and Kyle Rowley straight from the Xbox show at Gamescom."
You can't trust anything in Alan Wake 2's dark place, even the shadows
by Josh West (GamesRadar+)
Interview with Kyle Rowley

"In Alan Wake 2, the world is conspiring to topple the ailing writer. At Gamescom 2023, Remedy Entertainment showed GamesRadar+ an exclusive gameplay demo that descended into the Dark Place, the prison that has held Wake for 13 years. It's here where the shift towards survival horror is most stark – a twisted New York City, suffocating beneath a sheet of rain, where twisting figures stand in every shadow."

Read the interview, HERE!
Alan Wake 2 channels a “scared, but cool” attitude, Sam Lake says
by Sam Comrie (The Loadout)

"It’s been 13 years since Alan Wake arrived in our lives, but getting stuck under the Cauldron Lake has taken its toll on the author. During the recent Alan Wake 2 preview that I attended, I had the opportunity to ask creative director Sam Lake about coming back to one of the best horror game franchises around, but more specifically, revisiting Alan himself."

Read their interview, HERE!
Alan Wake 2’s enemies are as deceptive as they are deadly
by Kyle Wilson (The Loadout)

"We don’t say this lightly, but Alan Wake 2 is shaping up to be one of the best games of all time. Remedy Entertainment is taking everything it has learned with Control and turning it up to 11 – maybe even 12 – with this exciting sequel. One thing Alan Wake 2 wants to do, especially when you’re with Alan in The Dark Place, is play on your paranoia; everything is uncertain in this hellish dreamscape. It’s going to play on your paranoia so much, it seems, that even some of the Alan Wake 2 Dark Place enemies will be mere figments of your imagination. Well, Alan’s imagination."

Read the Q&A, HERE


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