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29th August 2023
Watch Dechart Games' Take on Alan Wake Remastered
[Full Playthrough]

With Alan Wake 2 on the horizon, Dechart Games recently jumped into Alan Wake Remastered. If you missed any of the four livestreams (covering the original six episodes), you can watch them now on their YouTube Channel, HERE!

The two have already had a sneak peek of the sequel at Summer Games Fest 2023 Play Days. A demo which propelled the original game to the top of their "to-play" list. If you would like to see them check out the upcoming adventure, make sure to let them know

If you're not familiar with the channel, DechartGames is run by married actors Bryan Dechart and Amelia Rose Blaire Dechart, who have been gaming together on Twitch since 2018 and together have streamed over 220 games. While their community was formed following the release (and stream) of Detroit: Become Human, a Quantic Dream title they both acted in, their watchers are also passionate about Remedy. Fans of Quantum Break will remember Amelia as the actor behind the fierce anti-Monarch Solutions university student, Amy Ferraro.

Alongside Alan Wake Remastered, the duo have also completed Quantum Break, and are currently making their way through Control

Dechart Games' Control playthrough will be broadcast live on Twitch on Saturdays at noon PT / 7pm UTC. Watch them this weekend!


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