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14th February 2020
Hyvää Ystävänpäivää! [Valentine's Day 2020]

Today is Valentine's Day and we're doing something a little different.

In previous years, we've created themed cards to for the occasion, and if you're looking for some incredibly awful puns, I cannot recommend avoiding our cards enough; Max Payne (2014), Alan Wake (2016), Quantum Break (2017), Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne (2018), and Control (2019). Oh boy, that's a lot of terrible.

In Finland, it's Ystävänpäivä which is the much more pleasant and less weighted with societal pressure, Friend's Day. (Friends' Day? Friends Day? Friends's' Day.) There's still an element of a commercial focus, but it's pretty perfect for people who want the restaurant discounts and 30% off that cat food that your cat has just randomly decided it likes, but without the feeling like you're stuck at a family gathering with your nine siblings and their partners. In reality though, Ystävänpäivä pretty low-key and just nice; it's more about being thankful for your friends.

So today, I wanted to thank the lovely friends I've met through the Remedy community! Below is a list of some of those incredible people. Thank you for all of your awesomeness! 

505Games Community Team
Adam La Fleur
AJ Järvilehto
Alan Wake Forums Moderators
Brett Kelly (Brett Madden)
Christopher Forsyth
El Rey Amr
Fred Berman
Gosin Nilratana
Ilkka Villi

Lauren (Shepard)
Peter Papadopoulos
Remedy's Media Unit

Eight years is a long time and I've likely accidentally missed out half of the people who I talk with on a daily basis trying to get everyone. I promise to rectify that as soon as possible!


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