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14th February 2016
Happy Valentine's Day! [Puns! Puns! Puns!]

Whether or not you celebrate Valentine's Day, there's always an aspect of it which everybody hates and yet pretty much everybody (or at least everyone I know) joins in with, and that's the horrible, unforgivable puns. They're the worst thing about the occasion, but they're also kind of the best.

A few years ago I created a bunch of Valentine's Day cards "written" by Max Payne using quotations from his second adventure, but today I wanted to do something a little more traditional. The first Remedy game I played was Alan Wake, and before The Sudden Stop was a Remedy fansite it was an Alan Wake one. So, why not get some screenshots of the game and put some truly terrible puns to them?

I'm sorry.

The classics:

... just to acknowledge the elephant in the room.

Eyy? Eyy?

Someone mentioned "thermos"! Quick, the fan art!

I adore Ainiwaffle's art. For more, check out her deviantArt page, HERE.

That's some Alan Wake enemy concept art going on there!

Slightly disturbing. This could be perceived in a couple of ways, so I just want to clarify that in my head, the eyes are in a box and it's an awful gift with perhaps... kind of lovely intentions? (I guess?) Thomas Hardy slept with his estranged wife's corpse at the foot of his bed for several days after remembering that he loved her after her passing. Nice intention, but ehhhhhh a little odd, even for England.


Those images are from DeadEndThrills who is awesome, and you should definitely check out their work if you haven't already. 

And one of my favourite photos...

I'm counting this as Alan Wake, it has Alan Wake ties. Also pun. 

Aww yiss.



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