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14th February 2019
Happy Valentine's Day... Have Some Puns!
[Control Inspired Valentine's Day Cards]

Happy Valentine's Day! This day is always a kind of a mix of different attitudes; some love it, some absolutely despise it, some appreciate the free burritos, and some people are sad that they're 1200 miles away from free burritos but liked the restaurant's page on Facebook and now they get adverts for delicious burritos that they cannot have. On a related note, Tortilla House in Helsinki has a two for 15€ on burritos today.

If you visited us in February before, you would know that we only celebrate today in one way. Puns. Forget romantic, we are here for the cheese. And now that Control has officially been announced, well...

I love how uncomfortable/unsure Darling looks in this concept art, especially repurposed for a Valentine's Day card. Darling is everyone today. Uncomfortable. Unsure. Wondering if they can still fly 1200 miles before Tortilla House closes. Probably not. I guess I'll just check the fridge.
Ready for some awkward social interaction with co-workers and mandatory team building exercises?
And if you think that one was bad, you might want to sit down.
If the hanging out joke felt a little too morbid, here's another with a muuuuch lighter twist:
And of course, we couldn't let you go without the classic...
All screenshots above are from the Official Control Imgur page.

If you would like to read more terrible Remedy-inspired puns, we wrote an article featuring Valentine's Day cards written by Max Payne in 2014, Alan Wake card designs in 2016, and Quantum Break puns in 2017. I apologize in advance!

I want to also give a shoutout to the amazing Fraser for these Alan Wake Valentine's Day cards. They. Are. Perfect:

And to Charlie for these Quantum Break cards. I love them so much.


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