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4th January 2017
A Year In Review [2016]

It's 2017! For our first post of the year, I wanted to reflect on the craziness that was 2016. In some ways it was, to be honest, pretty awful. However there was a lot of good aspects to it too, and a lot of Quantum Break goodness, which I wanted to dedicate this post to.

On the Remedy and community side of things the past twelve months have been packed full of new information, releases, videos and community achievements, so I wanted to run through some of those best moments.

Thanks for being a part of them!

If you have any suggestions or you have a favourite moment that you want to see added, make sure to mention them in the comments below!

7th January - Max Payne Motivational Posters
Taking inspiration from motivational posters, we created a selection of posters using actual quotations from the Max Payne titles, for those needing inspiration with their New Year Resolutions.

18th January - Sam Lake’s Masterclass
In January, Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy) travelled to Paris to take part in a special Masterclass, discussing his work at Remedy. The event was recorded and is available to watch, HERE.

19th January 2016 - Remedy Hosts Special Press Event
Remedy hosted a special Quantum Break press event at their offices. The studio got a new look to celebrate the occasion, with Monarch branding and colours.

22nd January - Quantum Break: Zero State Announced
A Quantum Break novelisation by Cam Rogers was announced in late January. The book would be set in a parallel universe and would take a different path to the game. (An extract of the book was posted exclusively to in early March.)

29th January - POTF Announced Work on New Album
In addition to the release of Quantum Break coming in 2016, Poets of the Fall (the real life band behind Old Gods of Asgard in Alan Wake) announced they were working on a brand new album which would be released in the autumn.

1st February - Community Spotlight: Evil-Owl-Loki's AW Art

11th February - Cemetery Trailer & QB Bundle
11th February was a HUGE news day with the release of the Cemetery trailer, PLUS the announcement of Quantum Break's pre-order bonuses and a special XBOX One bundle. 

14th February - Valentine’s Day
We wrote collection of Alan Wake puns to woo your Valentine.

19th February - Quantum Break Has Gone Gold!
Remedy submitted the final version of the game to be published. 

26th February - Remedy Registers "Alan Wake Returns"
In late February, rumours began circulating about a new trademark registered by Remedy called "Alan Wake Returns". These rumours were resolved when details that a live action TV show of the same name would appear in Quantum Break.

3rd March - Quantum Break Promotional Tour
Starting in early March, Remedy and Microsoft went on a long world-wide tour including New York, London, New Zealand, Sydney, Hong Kong, Mexico, Spain and more! 

9th March - The Secret History of Time Travel Announced
The making-of book, Quantum Break: The Secret History of Time Travel, was announced in early March. The book later was including in the PC Timeless Collector's Edition.

11th March - Launch Trailer

18th March - Alan Wake Series Now Available on XBOX One
Just a couple of weeks before the release of Quantum Break, Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare was announced as one of the latest titles available to play on XBOX One via backwards compatibility

1st April - Alan Wake and Max Payne Plays Quantum Break
Alan Wake (Ilkka Villi) and Max Payne (Sam Lake) recorded a short, promoting Remedy's upcoming title, Quantum Break.

3rd April - Official Remedy Tour [Video]
Remedy's Head of Communications, Thomas Puha, took viewers on a tour of the Remedy offices in a new video.

5th April - Quantum Break Released!

7th April - iam8bit's Quantum Break Vinyl
iam8bit announced an exclusive limited edition Quantum Break vinyl. Only 3000 pieces made worldwide.

10th April - Our Interview with Zero State's author, Cam Rogers
Back in April, I had the pleasure of talking to the brilliant Cam Rogers, the author of Quantum Break: Zero State during the book's and game's release week. Check out the interview, HERE. (Photo by Mikko Rautalahti.)

15th April - Alan Wake DLC Free
Soon after the release of Quantum Break, the DLC packs for Alan Wake became free to own on XBOX 360/One.

19th April - Max Payne PS4
Rockstar brought Remedy's first Max Payne title to Playstation 4

20th April - Live Reading of Time Knife
In late April, Janina Gavankar arranged a live reading of Quantum Break's Time Knife on Twitch with Patrick Heusing (Liam Burke), Marshall Allman (Charlie Winscott), Amelia Rose Blair (Amy Ferrero), Tyler Burton-Smith (Writer), with narration by Adam R. Wood. 

20th April - Community Spotlight: Goblinight
Community Spotlight on Gobinight's incredibly detailed Quantum Break artwork.

21st April - New Project Underway
In the same month of Quantum Break's release, discussion began about Remedy's next project which was rumoured to be underway. 

30th April - Quantum BreakAlan Wake Ringtones
Petri Alanko (Composer) along with Ville Sorsa (Senior Audio Designer) created a series of ringtones for fans inspired by the sounds of Alan Wake and Quantum Break.

30th April - Quantum Break Documentaries
In late April, a collection of new Remedy and Quantum Break documentaries was posted online. Perfect for both new and old fans of the developer.

4th May - Community Spotlight: xchibixx's QB Art
Spotlighting xchibixx's adorable Quantum Break artwork and comics.

11th May - Community Spotlight: Kristy Tattoo
In May, long-time Remedy fan artist, Kristy got her first tattoo which was inspired by Alan Wake. Read her interview, HERE.

11th May - Limited Edition Quantum Break Poster
Microsoft ran a limited edition run of free Quantum Break posters on their store, following the launch of the game. The design mirrored movie posters and featured the older 1999 logo for Monarch Solutions.

26th May - Poets of the Fall Announced Clearview
Following the announcement that Poets of the Fall was working on a new studio album, scheduled for release in late 2016, the band revealed that the new project would be called Clearview

8th June - State of the Studio Address
In early June, Thomas Puha (Head of Communications) posted a statement on behalf of Remedy detailing the company's future plans.

21st June - Community Spotlight: Carla's QB Artwork
Community Spotlight on Carla's (aka TotecTripled) stunning Quantum Break sketches. 

23rd June - 15th Max Payne Anniversary
Max Payne turns 15! The original Max Payne title was released 15 years ago on 23rd June 2001. Learn more about the franchise in our retrospective, HERE. Fellow fansites; ComunidadRemedy, MaxPayneFanpage, PayneReactor as well as the cast of Max Payne Retribution also joined in on the 15th celebrations!

27th June - CROSSFIRE 2! Smilegate Partnership Announced
Smilegate announced a new partnership with Remedy at the CROSSFIRE Vision Summit. Remedy will be working with them, making a story mode/single player experience for CROSSFIRE 2.

5th August - Drama for Life Released
Poets of the Fall released their first single from the Clearview album. The release also came with a lyric video.

10th August - QB Timeless Collector’s Edition Announced
Microsoft and Remedy in partnership with Nordic Games (now THQ Nordic) announced the release of Quantum Break on Steam, along with a physical collectors edition. Originally scheduled for 14th September, it was later moved to Thursday 29th September.

12th August - Tero Virtala is new CEO
In August, Tero Virtala was announced as Remedy's new CEO, replacing Matias Myllyrinne who moved to Wargaming. Read the announcement, HERE.

22nd August - Community Spotlight: Charlie's QB Artwork
A spotlight on Charlie's gorgeous Quantum Break artwork, featuring interview! Read the article, HERE.

6th September - Death Rally Turns 20!
Remedy celebrates twenty years since the launch of their first title, Death Rally. To celebrate the occasion, we wrote an article about the game's development!

6th September - Remedy Looks at Multiplayer
On the same day as Death Rally's 20th anniversary, Mikael Kasurinen (Game Director) & Sam Lake (Creative Director) posted a statement on the Remedy site talking about the presence of multiplayer in future Remedy titles.

29th September - Quantum Break Timeless Collector Edition & Steam Releases

30th September - Clearview Released
Poets of the Fall released their sixth album, Clearview

9th October - Monarch Gala Auction
In Quantum Break time breaks on 9th October 2016. On the same day there's also the Monarch Gala on Gull Island. We thought it would be interesting to not only do something for the occasion, but to have it be a force for good. In collaboration with Remedy we held a special Remedy-themed charity auction, raising money for Cancer Research.

31st October - Halloween Carving
To celebrate Halloween, I stabbed some pumpkins, also my hand, but mainly the pumpkins. 

17th November - QB Concept & Bloopers Reel [Recruitment Video]
Remedy released a new recruitment video showcasing the weird and wonderful world of game development.

23rd November - Community Spotlight: rmilo
Community Spotlight focusing on rmilo's creative Quantum Break artwork and handmade (lifesized!) CFR. Her post also includes an interview.

9th December - ComunidadRemedy's 1st Anniversary
Fellow Remedy fansite, ComunidadRemedy celebrated one year online!

11th December - The CFR's New Home in Tampere
The CFR model used in the Quantum Break live action series is currently taking part in an exhibition in Tampere at the Suomen Pelimuseo (The Finnish Museum of Games).

28th December - Remedy Talks P7 in New Polygon Article
Before the turn of the year Brian Crecente (Polygon) spoke to Thomas Puha (Head of Communication) and Mikael Kasurinen (Game Director) about the future of Remedy, including a new game codenamed "P7" (or "Project 7").

29th December - #HoodieGate Video
Remedy's Head of Communication, Thomas Puha, investigates what makes a good hoodie in the company's latest recruitment video. 


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