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29th December 2016
Remedy Tackles "#HoodieGate" in New Video

One topic, so controversial, has taken the studio by storm. In a new video, Remedy's Head of Communications, Thomas Puha, details what makes a good hoodie as he, risking life and limb, investigates the dangerous topic of "#HoodieGate".

The video footage of this investigation also acts as a recruitment video, as the developers are currently hiring for nine positions. (Animation Programmer, Environment Artist, Game Designer, Senior Animation Programmer, Senior Environment Artist, Senior Game Designer, Senior Graphics Programmer, Senior UI/UX Designer, Software Test Engineer. More details can be found on the official Remedy website, HERE.)

In addition to the video, Puha also wrote a post entitled "Wrapping Up The Year" detailing events at Remedy over the past year. You can read the blog post on Remedy site, HERE.

There's also a lengthy Polygon post talking about the mysterious "P7" game (the developer's unannounced project). You can read the Polygon article, HERE.


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