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Alan Wake 2
Return 1: Invitation

Following a lead on a potential serial killer, Saga Anderson and Alex Casey arrive in Bright Falls just as another murder takes place. Leaving their car, they meet up with local police, Deputy Mulligan and Thornton, who review the case with them and show them to the crime scene. After realising that Nightingale had emerged from the lake, Saga heads to the coast to retrace his steps.

Arriving at the Witch's Ladle, they find footprints emerging from the centre of a large tree, as well as a typewritten page. After using her profiling ability on Nightingale, Saga becomes eager to get the body back to town to the mortuary to find out if anything has been placed inside his chest.

As Saga's examination begins, she discovers a manuscript page neatly folded where the heart used to be. Breaker reveals the appearance of similar pages around town but disappears as the light above him flickers. Now awakened, Nightingale sits up and attacks those nearby, stalking the corridors as he finds new victims. Using light to her advantage, Saga is able to recover her service weapon. As she fires, shining her torch beam at him, Nightingale vanishes.

Characters Introductions & Progressions
Locations & Importance to Chapter
Collectables (& Manuscript Pages)
Ties to Alan Wake
Ties to Later Events
Ties to the Remedy Connected Universe
Saga's Mind Place
Changes In The Final Draft
Chapter Development

Characters Introductions & Progressions

Saga Anderson
A highly respected profiler and detective, her unique talent allows her to see inside the mind of an individual, a technique that she uses to get the answers she needs. Despite being uneasy being so far from her family, she is excited by her next adventure, and Casey considers himself lucky for having her on the case with him. As they arrive at the crime scene, he puts her in charge of the investigation, stating that he plans to retire after the investigation. As well as being an expert working in the field, Saga is also qualified to perform post-mortem examinations.

Saga Anderson (Alternative Version)
After living in Bright Falls, Saga Anderson (Alternative Version) moved away following the drowning of her daughter, Logan. She was a friend of Oh Deer Diner waitress Rose Marigold.

Logan Anderson
Saga Anderson's fourteen-year-old daughter, Logan, is one of the closest individuals in Saga's life. She is a fan of Night Springs, eagerly watching the latest episode with her father as her mother calls upon her arrival to Bright Falls. While Logan loves mysteries, she's fallen out of love with reading, a hobby Saga wants to encourage again. The time between mother and daughter is important to both of them; she's mirrored her mother's sense of humour, teasing Casey for his "brooding". Together, Saga and her daughter built a baking soda volcano for her science fair project, geology being a passion she held since she was a kid. 

Alex Casey
Alex Casey is Saga's FBI partner who puts her in charge of the investigation on their arrival to Bright Falls, admitting later that he's considering retiring from the force following its completion. They've worked together for a long time, including on the Northside Slasher case, where the murderer hid bodies in the trees.

Deputy Mulligan
A recurring character from the original game, Mulligan's mouth immediately gets him into trouble, assuming that Casey would naturally lead the case. He does his best to bounce back from the mistake, showing a level of formality and respect that he doesn't bring to his job on an ordinary day. Despite trying to put on a front, Saga feels like he might not be up to the task. 

Deputy Thornton
Another recurring character from the original game, Thornton, is described by his partner as "not the sharpest axe". His lack of understanding of the walkie-talkies leads to his judgement about city folk in a swear-laden rant being overheard. When Saga talks to him, his attitude is more professional and kinder, although there's a hint of patronising that as "city folk", they might get stuck in the big puddles. Despite his attitude, he helps by providing local information on Nightingale, assists in moving the corpse to the mortuary, and provides keys to get back to the car park quicker. Despite his attempt to be helpful, Saga feels like he might not be up to the task. He also does yoga three times a week. 

Robert Nightingale
Known by Casey from Quantico, Robert Nightingale was a former FBI agent who mysteriously disappeared thirteen years ago, in 2010. By the time he arrived in Bright Falls, he was no longer working for the bureau; his mental health went into a serious decline following the death of his partner, resulting in Nightingale being fired. Rumoured to have sought refuge from his depression in alcohol, he apparently "chased ghosts until he fell off the map". No one from Bright Falls had heard from or about him following in all this time. Using her profiling, Nightingale reveals that he came from the lake, a place gatekept by a man who grants permission. A manuscript page had been placed inside the hole in his chest.[Profiling: Missing Persons, Ritual Murder, The Page]

Tim Breaker
The sheriff in Bright Falls, Tim Breaker, took over the role from Sarah Breaker. While his deputies are uneasy by the FBI's presence, Breaker is grateful for the help on the case, sending them casefiles to familiarize themselves ahead of their travel. When asked about the Cult of the Tree, he reveals that he's only familiar with it as an urban legend. There's also information on his childhood; he grew up with Dungeons and Dragons, drawn to playing as magical characters. He had found similar manuscript pages across Bright Falls but vanished in the morgue before giving them to the FBI.

Tammy Brooker
A New York-based writer of true crime, Tammy Brooker came to Bright Falls with Ed as part of her investigation into the disappearance of Alan Wake. They broke into the fenced-off campgrounds with boltcutters to get a closer look at the lake. She was one of the witnesses for Nightingale's emergence from the lake and the crime later at the General Store. After running away, she discovered a necklace from one of the cultists and pocketed it, thinking that the publisher would want to include it on the cover. After getting to safety, she called the police with Ed. Deputy Mulligan and Thorton attended the scene, believing them to be the murderers and threatened to arrest them prior to the FBI's arrival into the town. [Profiling: The Cult of the Tree, Cauldron Lake.]

Ed Brooker
Ed had travelled to Bright Falls with Tammy as part of her investigation into the mysterious disappearance of fellow New York writer Alan Wake. Ed is more forthcoming with the information when interviewed to Saga: that they had witnessed Nightingale emerge from the lake and that later they had seen the cult members stab him. They ran and called the police. After the police's arrival, Deputy Mulligan and Thorton jump to conclusions, wanting to place the Bookers under arrest for the crime. [Profiling: The Cult of the Tree, Cauldron Lake.]

Rose Marigold
Seemingly an old friend of Saga Anderson, she is surprised by her return, particularly following her daughter's drowning. Saga tries to correct her and asks how she knows Logan, but Rose insists Saga is suppressing traumatic memories. Rose is known in town for "saying the weirdest things possible", according to Tim Breaker, but she's friendly enough. She has continued working at the Oh Deer Diner as a waitress.

Alan Wake
A mysterious writer whose work has been discovered across Bright Falls, including inside Nightingale's chest. He writes about Saga and Casey. 

Pat Maine
A long-time local show host, Pat Maine is dedicated to his craft and determined to get information into the hands of Bright Falls residents.

The uncle of a respected meteorologist, Tapio, comes to Pat Maine's aid in the search for weather tips for the week ahead. Direct to the point, he declares rain throughout the whole week, including Deerfest, an occasion he looks forward to. Despite not being a fan of swans, he acknowledged the presence of a swan float taking part in the parade, long neck and everything.

A tired resident who works with Charlie as the Coffee World mascot in front of the docks. She finds her partner's energy amusing. 

An enthusiastic Coffee World Mascot, whose uncomfortableness inside the sweaty suit doesn't decrease his desire to dance as he promotes the gift shop's latest discount campaign.

Deputy Nelson
After learning about the presence of FBI agents in the town, Nelson reveals two minds about recent events: reluctant to allow the investigation to be passed to the FBI and undervaluing their presence, but who also hates that violent crimes have happened in the town. He has an important breakfast bagel he needs to get back to.

Jaakko Koskela 
As one-half of the Koskela Brothers' Adventure Tours, Jaakko takes the role of a lost tourist in the advert. Uneasy with being in front of the camera, he appears more shy compared to his charismatic twin brother, Ilmo. 

Ilmo Koskela
The other half of the Koskela Brothers Adventure Tours, Ilmo is no stranger to the camera and sharing his successes. Despite the name, he considers himself to be the one in charge of the experience pack, which proudly defies local laws.

Locations & Importance to Chapter

Cauldron Lake. Cauldron Lake is a key area in Bright Falls. Having receded recently, the bed of Cauldron Lake became exposed, revealing driftwood, claimed animals, and a struggling Nightingale. Surrounded by the Bright Falls mountains, the area is thrown into darkness.

Cauldron Lake General Store. While not shown in the original game, the sequel introduces the Cauldron Lake General Store, a run-down, abandoned shack a few minutes from the coastline. The area becomes a well-trodden area, with the player returning to it regularly as the main path from shore to the car park and also as an area of investigation.

Cauldron Lake Camp Grounds. While generally abandoned following the area's closure by the FBC, the campgrounds still attract the occasional rebellious, love-sick teenager, law-breaking amateur detectives, and determined waitresses. The area was closed off in 2010, shortly after the events of the original game. Missing person cases were reduced greatly afterwards. 

Mortar Falls. Named after the imagery of a mortar and pestle, Mortar Falls can be watched from the Bright Falls Campground.

Witch's Ladle. The Witch's Ladle is the official name for the large tree that provides a gateway through to the Overlap. The tree got its name from local legend; a local sheriff convinced that a woman had bewitched him, had ordered her to be drowned. Her wooden ladle, fallen on the forest floor, grew into a defiant tree. While the area is occasionally flooded, the water has receded by the time that Casey and Saga arrive to investigate. The sign for the area sits just metres away from The Overlap. 

Elderwood Palace Lodge. Created in 1898, the Elderwood Palace Lodge was moved to downtown Bright Falls in 2016, log by log. It's the property of the Bright Falls Historical Society. The lodge is where Saga and Casey call home for their stay in the town and where they set up base.

Oh Deer Diner. The central hub of Bright Falls, the Oh Deer Diner, is a long-standing cafe known for its delicious coffee and cherry pie. The Bookers take refuge there in a booth, calming down from their experiences from the morning over breakfast. Rose Marigold takes over from waitressing as the day progresses.

Bright Falls Sheriff Station. Located next to the Bank of Bright Falls and behind the Oh Deer Diner. is the home of the Bright Falls police department. Not much has changed from the original game, although the Sherrif's office has been replaced by stairs descending down to a mortuary, which they share with the funeral home next door, as part of both parties being on a "shoestring budget".

  • Cauldron Lake Campgrounds Map. Located on the edge of the car park. Casey calls her over to investigate it. 

  • Bird Watcher's Journals. Notebooks dropped in a hurry by a visiting birdwatcher. 

  • Bright Falls Record. The latest issue of the Bright Falls Record can be found abandoned on the trail leading down to the Cauldron Lake General Store.

  • Mirror Peak Sign. A signpost along a formerly restricted pathway intended to explain the origins of the location's name. 

  • Mortar Falls Sign. Close to Witch's Cabin, the sign explains the origins of the location's name.

  • (Optional) The Witch's Hut Sign. "The Witch's Hut. Here lived the Witch of Cauldron Lake. Beware - her spirit may still haunt this place."

  • Alex Casey Lunch Box (Mortar Falls). "My dad used to say, 'When the going gets tough, the tough get going.' Not sure where the tough get going to, but maybe you'll find it inspiring."

  • Alex Casey Lunch Box (Witch's Cabin). "I know things can get a little crazy around here, but if you're ever feeling scared, just remember that ALAN is watching over us."

  • Camp Ground Journal. An abandoned journal left by a teenager who plans to explore a building close to the lake.

  • Crate Stash (Crime Scene). Discover the first crate hidden by The Cult of The Tree. 

  • Cauldera Conspiracy. Pages from a notebook detailing how the caldera is manmade. 
  • Witch's Ladle Sign. 

  • Deer Head (Crime Scene). Just south of the crime scene (using the map), there's an abandoned house. Go inside the living room to find your first deer head. 

  • Witch's Ladle Sign. A sign explaining the folklore behind the large tree, the Witch's Ladle.

  • Alex Casey Lunch Box (FBC Station). Located on the far side of the FBC Station. 

  • Elderwood Palace Lodge Sign. A long-standing lodge, the building was brought into the centre of Bright Falls log by log in 2016.
  • Pat Maine Radio. Eager to learn more about the weather for the Deerfest week, Maine reluctantly consults a local metrologist's uncle, Tapio. 

  • Bright Falls Map. Discovered inside the Elderwood Palace Lodge, to the right of the door as you enter. 

  • Casey's Casenotes. A three-step plan for what to do as they begin the investigation.

  • "Setter is Better" Mayoral Sign. Discovered just outside Clay's Clam House.

  • Deer Head (Elderwood Palace Lodge). Located on the wall inside the Elderwood's Palace Lodge's private room, just off from the dining area.

  • Broken Jukebox. After multiple playthroughs of Coconut, the faithful Oh Deer Diner jukebox has called it a day. 

  • Deer Head (Oh Deer Diner). Break into the "Employee Only" door at the back of the diner to discover another deer head. 

  • Toilet Paper Debate. Theft of the toilet paper at the Bright Falls Sheriff Station is taken with a high degree of seriousness. 
Manuscript Pages
  • The Message (collected inside the Overlap)
  • Saga Fights Nightingale with Light (After Chapter 1)
  • Saga Persues Nightingale (After Chapter 1)
  • Saga Anderson's Deja Vu (The Final Draft)

Ties To Alan Wake
  • Alex Casey. Prior to the events of the original game, Alex Casey is the name of the fictional detective who starred in Alan Wake's best-selling book series.

  • Driving Through The Forest. Alan Wake 2 starts similar to its predecessor. After the Prologue, Saga drives down the forest roads to get to Cauldron Lake. The camera angles mirror those used in the opening scene in Alan Wake, with the writer eagerly speeding around the curving roads to reach the lighthouse. 

  • Unbearable Death. After the deputy that Saga was expecting to meet doesn't show in the car park, Casey makes the suggestion that he was perhaps eaten by a bear. Death by Bear jokes aren't uncommon in Alan Wake. In the original game, prompted by his wife, Alan reluctantly lets Alice take a photo of him on the ferry to Bright Falls. He suggests a title for the piece "City Boy Moments Before He Got Eaten By A Bear". 

  • Recurring Characters. Although heard in passing or in radio interviews, Deputy Mulligan and Thornton are characters from the original game. Pat Maine is still the local radio show host. Rose Marigold still tends to the Oh Deer Diner. Nightingale is an obvious recurring character, having last seen him in the shadows during Deerfest. While Sarah Breaker has moved on from her position of sheriff, Tim Breaker has taken her place. 

  • Folklore. In Saga's room, there's a book called "North American Folklore". In Alan Wake's American Nightmare, Scratch was rumoured to come into being following urban legends surrounding the returning writer. In Alan Wake 2, many of the characters have become more embedded in folklore, including Barbara Jagger, who appears in The Witch's Ladle. 

  • Oh Deer Diner Changes. In the original game, Alan checks in on Stucky, who has visited the bathroom. After knocking, he's interrupted by Barbara Jagger, who has his keys and directions to his cabin. While players don't enter the bathroom during the main game, they do during The Signal DLC. The room's layout has changed to a multi-gender facility to make way for the converted office next to it.
  • Sherrif Station Changes. While on the surface, the station has remained the same, there are some significant changes; the old Sherrif's office has been moved and replaced by stairs leading down to the mortuary in the basement. Another change is that the jails have been made bigger. 

Ties To Later Events
  • Don't Touch The Bear. In the corner of the Oh Deer Diner, Saga can discover the cardboard bear used in the Koskela Brothers adverts, specifically the one punched in the face during their tour campaign.

  • Sherrif Station Changes. On the development side, the jails may have been altered compared to the original game for two important narrative reasons. First, for FBC material to be brought in and secured later in the game. Second, to allow greater space for the later boss battle with Mr Scratch.

Ties Into The Remedy Connected Universe (Spoilers)
  • Alex Casey. Alan Wake later learns that Alex Casey wasn't a character he created, but he had unknowingly based on the real detective. 

  • Coffee. Both Saga and Casey take sips of coffee at the same time, like their concept counterparts seen in Quantum Break's Return teaser.

  • Order of the FBC. The site around Cauldron Lake was closed by order of the FBC. If Saga tries to use the intercom, they will reveal that they've had issues, eluding to the Hiss takeover in Control

  • Gaping Maw. If left to go into idle dialogue, Saga and Casey talk about the area being a caldera. Casey clarifies that it's then the "gaping maw of hell", a description similar to Max Payne's description of the past as "a gaping hole" but with the connections of the hole being alive and hungry. 

Saga's Mind Place

"The Case Board is a mental technique that allows Saga to analyze clues and progress the investigation.

Casefile. "The Previous Murders"

[Linked to Casefile] Crime Scene Photo: "The Previous Murder" Shreaded clothing with wolf prints embedded in the mud nearby, a crime scene number board has been placed nearby. When highlighted, the text reads, "A series of murders have occurred around the town of Bright Falls. Finding the connections will help our search for the killer."

[Linked to Crime Scene Photo] Victims? "All victims reported missing in 2010. No other commonalities".
  • [Linked to Victims] Ted Lane. "Dentist. Stab wounds, bloating, bruising on the wrists." Highlighted the text reads, "The victim was reported missing in 2010. Discovered in 2012, buried in a shallow grave". 

  • [Linked to Victims] Wendy Davis. "Teacher. Body bloated, large chest wound." Highlighted the text reads, "Found in Cauldron Lake, 2018. Some organs missing - Predation? State of the body does not match eight years spent in a lake."

  • [Linked to Victims] Percy Wolfe. "Store owner. Bruising, heart removed, strange tattoos." Highlighted the text reads, "Found 2 weeks ago. Chest wound was ruled as cause of death. Tattooing on the body is illegible."

[Linked to Crime Scene Photo] Murder Method? "Slight difference in murders. Bloating only commonality in bodies, but not cause of death (chest trauma). Exposure to water post-mortem?"
  • [Linked to Crime Scene Photo]  "Bruising on wrists and legs". Highlighted the text reads, "Two of the victims had bruising - some form of restraint? Strapped or belted down?" Photo 696-56535.

  • [Linked to Crime Scene Photo]  "Deep gash in the chest, heart missing." Highlighted the text reads, "Most recent victim died of major chest trauma. Consistent with 2018 victim? Hard to confirm due to condition of body." Photo 696-56557.

  • [Linked to Crime Scene Photo] "All bodies experienced bloating." Highlighted the text reads, "Bloating of the corpse is indicative of drowning, but only one victim was found in water." Photo 696-56545 
[Linked to Crime Scene Photo] Killer Profile? [Saga needs to talk to Deputy Thornton before section unlocks]
  • [Linked to Crime Scene Photo] Post-mortem tattooing of the body. Highlighted the text reads, "Victim #3 was covered in illegible tattoos. A message from the killer, maybe? Or their 'art'." Photo 696-56538

  • [Linked to Crime Scene Photo] The murder targets have no discernable common traits. Highlighted, the text reads, "Apart from going missing in 2010, the victims have nothing apparent in common." Photo 696-56589. 

  • [Linked to Crime Scene Photo]  "Chest trauma resembles animal butchery techniques." Highlighted, the text reads, "Chest trauma resembles animal butchery techniques." Photo 696-56589

Casefile. "Cauldron Lake Murder Scene"
(Unlocks following examining the crime scene, talking to Casey, 

[Linked to Casefile] Crime Scene Photo: "Cauldron Lake Murder Scene" A body lays on a picnic bench; daylight shines through the trees onto the area. When highlighted, the text reads, "Another body has been found in the woods near Bright Falls. Perfect timing. Need to see if this is linked to the killings we're here to investigate."

[Linked to Crime Scene Photo] Consistent with Prev. Murders? "Murder matches prev. cases but interrupted. May find some new leads this time.".
  • [Linked to Consistent With Previous Murders] Major Chest Trauma. "This is consistent with previous killings."
  • [Linked to Consistent With Previous Murders] Heart found near victim's body"Heart was removed, but then left on the table near the body. Was this murder interrupted...?"
  • [Linked to Consistent With Previous Murders] Cargo straps used to restrain victim"Brusing indicates victim was alive when restrained. Matches other cases."

[Linked to Consistent With Previous Murders] The Victim? "Victim ID'd - Robert Nightingale. Former FBI agent. Mental state questionable at time of disappearance."
  • [Linked to The Victim?] Thorton: Victim is Robert Nightingale. Last seen in Bright Falls 13 years ago"No one's heard from this guy in 13 years. Why surface now? Where's he been?" Unlocked after talking to Thornton

  • [Linked to The Victim?] Casey: Nightingale went off the deep end. FBI fired him"I trust Casey's read on people. Sounds like our victim wasn't mentally stable." Unlocked after talking to Casey,

[Linked to Consistent With Previous Murders] The Victim? "Multiple assailants present. Messy scene. Crime of passion? Premeditated?"
  • [Linked to The Killer(S)?] Heavy blood splatter on table"They really made a mess, here. Caught up in the act or just sloppy work?"
  • [Linked to The Killer(S)?] Multiple sets of footprints"Lots of activity here. It's unlikely our killer was working alone."
[Linked to The Killer(S)?] Premeditated or Spontaneous? "Multiple assailants present. Messy scene. Crime of passion? Premeditated?" Section unlocked after speaking to Casey and Thornton about the identity of the corpse.
  • [Linked to The Killer(S)?] Tripod found near body"Looks new. Brought by the killers. Why? To mount a camera? Weird snuff film...?"
  • [Linked to The Killer(S)?] Cooler and beer bottles left nearby. "Lots of activity here. It's unlikely our killer was working alone."
[Linked to Premeditated or Spontaneous?] Victim Came From...? "Too many unknowns. Doesn't make sense. Asking wrong questions?" The section is unlocked after profiling Nightingale with further evidence found at The Overlap.
  • [Linked to Victim Came From...?] Nightingale came from Cauldron Lake"I can feel that Nightingale came from the lake. But why now, after 13 years? Where has he been?"

  • [Linked to Victim Came From...?] Trail has gone cold"A dead end. Literally." Unlocked after initially examining the Overlap.
  • [Linked to Victim Came From...?] Footprints emerging from under the rock"What? He walked through a boulder? Doesn't make sense." Unlocked after initially examining the Overlap. 
[Linked to Victim Came From...?] Anything else here...? "Learned all I can here. Need to get body back to town for examination." The section is unlocked after collecting the first manuscript page from The Overlap and profiling Nightingale with The Page. 
  • [Linked to Victim Came From...?] Nightingale has something hidden inside of him "There's more going on here than I'm seeing. I need to examine this body properly back in town." Unlocked after profiling Nightingale with The Page. 
  • [Linked to Victim Came From...?] Reading the words, these words, felt like a message. Somone laying a game with them. "So the killer is watching us? Game on." Unlocked after collecting the manuscript page from The Overlap.

[Linked to Casefile] Crime Scene Photo: "Examination of R. Nightingale" A photograph of Nightingale on the metal examination table. "Body has been prepped, ready for examination. Hope it can provide some actual answers."

[Linked to Crime Scene Photo] Anything To Learn From The Body? "Cause of bloating unknown. Strange tattoos on skin and heart. Something was inserted into chest cavity.

[Linked to Anything To Learn From The Body? ] Ritual Writing. "Tattoos on body and heart. How did killers have time?? Doesn't make sense."
  • [Linked to Ritual Writing?] Smudged text under victim's skin? "Is this some kind of tattoo? It's too smudged to read.
  • [Linked to Ritual Writing?] Illegible word on heart? "Did the killers write this on the heart? How? I can't make out what it says. 
[Linked to Anything To Learn From The Body? ] Cause of Death? "Chest trauma is clear cause of death.
  • [Linked to Cause of Death?] Smudged text under victim's skin? "Is this some kind of tattoo? It's too smudged to read.
  • [Linked to Cause of Death?] Bruises, defensive wounds on victim. "Looks like Nightingale put up a fight before they restrained him"
  • [Linked to Cause of Death?] Bloating of joints indicates long-term water exposure. "Victim was alive when strapped down. Timeline is inconsistent with bloating."

  • The Shining. Influenced by Stephen King works such as The Shining, Alan Wake used similar sweeping camera movements shown in the film when following a car journey. The same can be seen as Saga and Alex arrives to town. 

  • Twin Peaks. The series was a huge inspiration for the team in the original game, with aspects of it carrying over into the sequel. Similar to the pilot episode, the story focuses on an FBI agent called into town to investigate a murder. 

Changes in The Final Draft

A new manuscript page, Saga Anderson's Deja Vu, can be discovered on the way up from the Overlap for the first time. The page looks fresh and is noticeably clean and unedited. "Saga bent down to inspect the body on the table. Somehow, it all felt familiar. The straps, the heart, the mutilated corpse laying on the rain-soaked wood. Like deja vu. She chased the source of the feeling. Found nothing. None of the victims from her past cases resembled this one. It didn't feel like anything from her past. More than something from a dream. From a life she could barely remember, maybe one that wasn't even hers. 

"Then the feeling passed. Like a shadow in the trees, shifting with the wind. Saga blinked. Shook the feeling from her head. She turned her focus back on the work. There was a lot to do. Casey and the deputy were watching her. She had a feeling this would be an exciting case."

Chapter Development

In Invitation, players are introduced to two leading characters: Saga Anderson (played by Melanie Liburd) and Alex Casey (played by Sam Lake and voiced by James McCaffrey). For both Lake and McCaffrey, it was a return to the role of sorts, both having played the lead in Max Payne; Lake was the physical actor, and McCaffrey provided the voice. 

In the leadup to the game's launch, Sam Lake (Creative Director at Remedy) started a Tiktok in which he would share clips of himself enjoying a cup of coffee. Occasionally, he would share the moment with a guest, including Sean Durrie, Matthew Porretta, Ilkka Villi, Poet and more. They would both mimic the duel sipping that Alex and Saga make in the game. 

With the game's theme blurring reality and fiction, the same can be said about the game's marketing. Both the Bright Falls Blend and Oh Deer Diner coffee cups, found at the Elderwood Palace Lodge, can be purchased on the Remedy Store.

Below is a selection of screenshots and concept art showcasing the work of the brilliant art team. You can find more of their art on ArtStation


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