There are places in our world where fiction and dreams can come true.

Return 1: Invitation (Camp Ground Journal)

A journal from a local resident can be found just across the bridge from the Witch’s Hut at a makeshift campground. The writing looks to be made by a teenager, frustrated with their life in Bright Falls and angry that their friend, Midge, is moving away. In the latest entry, they talk about sneaking into a "big house by the lake" after feeling like something suspicious is happening. They plan to return the next day with "better gear.

Entry 1: Friday

Text: "Midge told me today that her family’s moving away. 

This SUCKS. 

I haven’t even told her that I like her yet…

What’s the point anymore? She said her parents want to get better jobs and get her to a better school in the city. I guess that’s fair?

What wants to stay in Bright Fucking Falls?"

Entry 2: Sunday

Text: "So I TOLD her. She said thanks. FUCKING KILL ME."

Entry 3: Monday

Text: "I snuck out last night again. Went to the big house by the lake instead of just watching it from here, like I always do, instead of just sitting around, like I always do. SCREW THAT! Anyway, something weird is going on down there. I’m going to find out what. Going to go back there tomorrow, with better gear. I bet I can find a way inside the building and take some photos. It’s going to be EPIC."


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