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Return 1: Invitation Crate [Shack Near General Store]

In Alan Wake 2, Bright Falls is covered in storage boxes protected by puzzles and codes. Left by The Cult of the Tree in an attempt to arm themselves when darkness came, the contents are yours for the taking... as long as you can break the riddle. 

Location: South of the Cauldron Lake General Store and crime scene, Saga can investigate an abandoned house with a small impromptu campsite, possibly set up by the Cult of the Tree. Opposite the front door is the first of several grey storage containers protected by a puzzle. 

Puzzle: Confused? Follow these steps! 1) Wash your hands. 2) Take the chicken out of the fridge. 3) Take a nap." 

How To Solve The Puzzle: Symbols have been left around the abandoned house nearby. In the bathroom, are two triangles placed above each other, two corners overlapping. When you go to the fridge, there are another two triangles, their points overlapping. The final symbol is in the bedroom next to the mattress; two triangles pressed together forming a horizontal diamond. 

Solution: Go outside and use the combination: two triangles with overlapping corners, an hourglass symbol, and two triangles in a horizontal diamond pattern. 

Prizes: 9mm Pistol Ammo & Medipack. 

Inside Message: Don't take anything if you aren't one of the trees.

In the house, you can also pet a deer head (located in the living room) and collect a document from the bedroom.


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