There are places in our world where fiction and dreams can come true.

Return 1: Invitation (Bird Watching Journals)

Near the car park at Cauldron Lake, Saga Anderson can discover an abandoned selection of notes and leaflets detailing wildlife and birds in the Pacific Northwest. The notebooks have a very similar theme to a found audio recording used in the Alan Wake 2 ARG promotion sent to influencers ahead of the game's launch. For this specific collectable, here are four documents that can be examined. 

Location: Found in the starting area. Using the map board as north, the kit is found on a trail in the east.

Document 1: Bird Leaflet
Description: A leaflet by James Chee about "The Rarest Wildlife In The Pacific Northwest." The pamphlet is approximately A5 and features mist-covered trees, not too dissimilar from the current weather. 

Document 2: Cauldron Lake Journal
Description: Handwritten text on paper, accompanied by two sketches in pen of a bird; one calm, another chirping. 

Text: “I’ve finally made my way to Cauldron Lake. The fence was easy to climb over, with the proper gear and skills which I thankfully possess. Next goal: spotting the rare and elusive orange-crowned warbler. A little late in the season, but hopefully I can catch it before it begins its journey south.

I’ve noticed intriguing behaviour in the surrounding common birdlife - they seem to be alarmed and swarm around the lake. No birds of prey nearby. There are some strange sounds carried on the wind, however. Nothing I can recognize or explain. Getting a little concerned. I might have to find another spot somewhere safer.

The sounds are getting closer.” 

Document 3: The Drunk Guy
Description: Handwritten text on paper, accompanied by a large sketch of a Vine Maple.

Text: “Moved inland. Foliage is STUNNING. Must come back in the fall. Had to stop and sketch this gorgeous Vine Maple. Just at the way, the Methuselah’s Beard hangs off it - this is why trees are better than people.

Speaking of people, saw some drunk guy staggering around the forest earlier, acting weird - maybe drugs? Kept my distance. Should probably find another spot. So annoying!

Document 4: Something's Not Right...
Description: Handwritten text on paper, accompanied by a quick sketch of Alaska Onion Grass. The note is the only one attached to a Blackbridge notepad. The top reads "Legal Pad - 100 Pages"

Text: “After I saw that weirdo guy I decided to change spots again - moved up the mountain a bit. I found a fantastic overlook to camp at, but I’m more interested in this Alaska Onion Grass. Invasive but edible and surprisingly tasty!

Started hearing wolves or wild dogs or something like 10 mins ago… but they sound wrong. Rabies? Want to leave, but the sun is going down, and my stupid phone is dead. Gonna hide in the tent and hope they go away.

Something is really not right about this place."


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