There are places in our world where fiction and dreams can come true.

Return 1: Invitation (Bright Falls Record #1)

On the trail to the Cauldron Lake General Store, Saga Anderson can discover an abandoned newspaper, the Bright Falls Record, the newspaper that also featured prominently in the mini-series Bright Falls

Location:  Found after talking to Mulligan. After getting a prompt to visit Saga's Mind Place, head to the right-hand side of the path and follow it up to a small wooden platform. 

Article 1: "Choas at Cauldron Lake! Rampage at the Rental Cabins! Unidentified Man Attacks Vacationers In The Dead of Night"

Text: "Sunday. An idyllic evening of barbecuing at light night fishing was violently disrupted Saturday as a mysterious assailant attacked park visitors, causing chaos and destruction at the cabins. The incident left three people injured, one of which has been admitted to the county hospital. As to whether the attack is still at large, Bright Falls police have yet to make an official statement, leaving local residents in a state of uncertainty.

Witnesses to the crime were visibly shaken, one of whom stated, “One minute we were laughing and toasting some marshmallows, the next we heard screaming coming up from the cabins. We didn’t know what was going on, so we called the police and started running in the opposite direction.” said Kurt Mill.

Another eyewitness who preferred to remain anonymous said, “It’s like he appeared out of nowhere. Suddenly, my dog starts barking his head off, and this psycho guy comes crashing through the trees… don’t think I’ll ever feel safe in the forest again.”

A representative from the rental cabins, who chose to remain anonymous,  wanted to remind customers if you have plans to stay in our lovely cabins later this summer, please get in touch with us as we may need to rejigger some of the reservations based on the state of the cabin that you have rented with us.” The representative went on to further remind future and potential guests of the wonderful amenities that can be found in their company brochures and on the website, “Which is real nice. State the of the. My nephew made it, and he’s a real computer whiz.”

Article 2: Does A Hike A Day Keep Depression Away?

Text: "It might be bright, sunny July, but it’s never too soon to start worrying about the gloomy months of autumn ahead. That’s right, in the grand scheme of life, those dead, depressing days are just around the corner. Have you been taking your Vitamin D? Probably not! But for all of you thinking, “There’s got to be another way,” there’s good news. Hiking has been proven to be incredibly beneficial to your mental and emotional health, so get out there and do it! Just don’t forget a flashlight in case it gets dark.”

Article 3: Missing Doberman Found On The Trail

Text: "A heartfelt reunion took place this weekend when Mrs. Amanda Smith was reunited with her beloved dog Coffee Bean.

C.B. (as her owner refers to him) had been missing for three days, and Mrs. Smith was afraid that she would never see her best friend again. “When I got the call I couldn’t believe my ears,” she said, “I must have asked ‘Am I dreaming?’ at least seven or eight times. “

It was actually nine times, confirmed Ranger Stevenson, the man responsible for finding the wayward canine. “It’s rare that you get to give those kinds of calls, and I feel real grateful to have had the opportunity. What with all the predators out there, usually you’re telling folks that you found their dogs dead, their cats eaten, you know… and so it felt real good to give some good news. Even if Coffee Bean is in kind of rough shape. The fur will grow back, sure, but… Well, I suppose that’s all I should say about that.”

Article 4: Bright Falls' Own Virtual Baking Champ

Text: "Little Sally Upton’s whole family erupted into cheers when she won the big match this weekend. Was she playing soccer? Tennis? No, in this brave new world that we live in, her family was cheering her on as she won a match in a game that exists only on the information Superhighway!

The game in question was 'Mega Baking Star,' in which players compete to make the tastiest treats and sweetest eats for their virtual judges online."


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